Truth Nutraceuticals RedWood: An Evidence-Based Review

RedWood is an Nitric Oxide/Male Enhancement/Erectile Dysfunction (ED) supplement by Truth Nutraceuticals which is intended to serve as a natural alternative to synthetic medications such as Cialis and c.

Truth Nutraceuticals claims that synthetic medications don’t treat the underlying causes of Erectile Dysfunction, but instead offer a temporary fix to long-term problem.

RedWood is designed to increase your body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide, leading to better, longer-lasting, harder erections which of course translates into better performance in the bedroom.

Truth Nutraceuticals RedWood



Although the RedWood bottle itself only lists three claims on it, the RedWood page of the Truth Nutraceuticals website claims that RedWood will:

  • Improve erectile health and strength
  • Improve Ability to achieve an erection naturally
  • Heal and repair varicose veins 
  • Improve Blood Flow 
  • Increase Natural Nitric Oxide Production
  • Correct Vitamin Deficiencies 

Needless to say, this is long list of potential benefits for such a simple, natural supplement.  So, when it comes to RedWood, Truth Nutraceuticals definitely talks the talk, but does this supplement walk the walk?  Let’s take a look at the ingredients and find out.

RedWood Ingredients

The RedWood formula is quite simple, with just 4 active ingredients (3 if you don’t count Vitamin C), all naturally derived from Mother Earth, of course.

Garlic Bulb Extract

Garlic Bulb–yes the same Garlic that you use to flavor your food–has wide variety of potential health benefits.  Among them is the ability to reduce hypertension caused by a lack of Nitric Oxide Synthase, the enzyme directly responsible for triggering the production of Nitric Oxide.

Unlike prescription Erectile Dysfunction medications which work as PDE5 inhibitors to boost Nitric Oxide, Garlic appears to increase the activity of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a gasotransmitter which directly opens Potassium channels, causing relaxation in penile tissue.

While it may sound great on paper, Garlic hasn’t been studied too extensively in the area of Male Performance Enhancement or Erectile Dysfunction.  All we really have to go by is one study in mice which indicates there is something to it, but doesn’t tell us anything about dosing or the degree of benefit in humans.  F

or that reason, we can’t draw solid conclusions about how much it’s inclusion impacts the efficacy of the RedWood formula.

When dealing with extracts, especially Garlic, the source and method of cultivation are crucial components which must be considered.  Of course, in studies, they use high quality (often standardized and tested) extracts, but how do we know Truth Nutraceuticals is using a similar extract?  We don’t…

Horse Chestnut Fruit Extract

Horse Chestnut Fruit has been used as an alternative treatment for varicose veins and other venous (having to do with veins) issues that manifest in pain and/or discomfort.

Several clinical trials have been conducted at this point, with at least one review (of 5 separate studies) concluding that Horse Chestnut Fruit extract is in fact an effective (and safe) treatment for varicose veins and various other blood flow related disorders.

The molecules responsible for the cardiovascular benefits of Horse Chestnut are called aescins.  In general, these molecules possess  anti-inflammatory and pro-circulatory benefits, but Truth Nutraceuticals doesn’t list the amount of aescins in the Horse Chestnut used in RedWood, meaning they probably don’t know it.

This adds an element of uncertainty that ultimately brings into question the overall efficacy of the supplement.  We’re not saying that Horse Chestnut is useless, just that it’s a little speculative in this case.

Masson Pine Park Extract

Pinus Pinaster, in this case known as Masson Pine Bark, has a long history of use as a pro-circulatory agent which may help with a variety of cardiovascular-related issues and function as a vaso-relaxation agent.

It has been studied clinically for the purpose of reducing Erectile Dysfunction, but unfortunately, all the studies are confounded with other pro-circulatory ingredients such as Arginine and Citrulline.

For this reason, Pine Bark Extract remains somewhat speculative, although there is definitely something to it.

Truth Nutraceuticals lists the amount of Masson Pine Bark Extract in RedWood at 100mg, but makes no mention of standardization (not a good sign).

Does Vitamin C Reallly Matter?

In addition to the three ingredients previously discussed, RedWood also contains Vitamin C.  This is likely because Vitamin C plays a large role in proper circulatory health and deficiency can DEFINITELY cause issues with blood flow, performance, and general cardiovascular health.

However, Vitamin C deficiency (Scurvy) is EXTREMELY rare in the developed world because it’s found in so many different foods (vegetables, fruits, fortified foods, etc.).

This appears to be the ingredient that Truth Nutraceuticals is alluding to with the claims that RedWood can correct vitamin deficiencies, but unless you haven’t eaten any fruits, fruit juice, vegetables, vegetable-based juice, fortified foods (many foods are fortified with Vitamin C), you’re probably NOT deficient in Vitamin C.

Furthermore, Vitamin C is dirt cheap so it shouldn’t really be considered a “main ingredient” in RedWood.

RedWood contains 1000mg (1g) of Vitamin C, far more than what is necessary to correct a deficiency, but perfectly safe and tolerable for most people.

RedWood Ingredient Takeaway

RedWood contains a few ingredients that may help with Erectile Dysfunction if consumed regularly over time, but it’s not a miracle cure.  Although Truth Nutraceuticals appears to be a very transparent brand, the standardization of the individual ingredients is absent from the label.

This makes the formula a little “iffy” in the eyes of science.  If Truth Nutra is using quality ingredients that have been standardized and tested for potency, one would think they would disclose that…


According to Truth Nutraceuticals, you should take one or two servings of RedWood every day and while they don’t specifically say it, it’s probably best to take it with meals to avoid any sort of stomach discomfort and to maximize absorption.

Two servings will definitely give you a nice Vitamin C fix, preventing any kind of deficiency, but the other ingredients can’t necessarily be considered “clinically dosed”.

Is RedWood Safe?

RedWood is definitely safe.  The question is really “does it work?” more so than “is it safe?”.  Due to it being entirely comprised of all-natural ingredients, there’s really nothing to worry about as far as  potentially over-dosing, assuming Truth Nutraceuticals gets their products tested for harmful contaminants (we don’t know if they do or not).

It’s possible that you might experience some stomach issues if you take one serving on an empty stomach so, to avoid that, it’s best to take RedWood with meals.

Can You Trust Truth Nutraceuticals?

Truth Nutraceuticals definitely appears to be a trust-worthy brand, but looks can be deceiving–especially in the supplement industry.  The use of a molecular structure of some kind on the RedWood label definitely gives off a “clinical” vibe,  but it’s actually pretty meaningless.  Just good marketing.

If you read reviews of RedWood on the Truth Nutra site, they’re all 5 stars which means they most likely discard the reviews that are less than that.  This is pretty common with supplement companies so you really shouldn’t read too much into reviews that appear on any brand’s home site, even if they seem real.

So, can you trust them?  There’s not reason NOT to, but as we’re finding out, supplement companies in general can be VERY shady, so…

Where To Buy

Truth Nutra doesn’t appear to be a very widespread brand so you won’t find RedWood in your neighborhood supplement store.  If you want to give it a try, you can find it at:

If you know of other retailers, online or brick and mortar, that carry RedWood, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them too the list.

The Bottom Line

As a natural remedy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), RedWood may be moderately effective, but there are plenty of other effective supplements out there as well, not to mention prescription medications that work wonders.

It is true that you should try to fix the cause of your Erecetile Dysfunction naturally before turning to synthetic substances such as Viagra and Cialis, but there are a TON of supplement out there which are better equipped to help you deal with this issue.  RedWood just isn’t anything special…

If you’re looking for an all-natural supplement to enhance sexual function and libido, check out our Best Testosterone Boosters (Optimizers) list for some recommendations. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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