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If you’re a supplement company owner/manage and you’ve finally realized that wasting money on adsense and facebook ads isn’t going to get you anywhere, we recommend contacting us about producing some sponsored content.

What Is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is content which you write (an article, guide, list, etc.) which is intended to teach, educate, inform, etc. We check over (to make sure you’re not saying things that don’t help our readers learn more about supplement, instead of just promoting your brand), then publish with credit to you as the Author and links to your site/store/retailer of your choice/etc.

If you’re still not grasping why Content Marketing is the future of advertising–especially given that the average internet user has trained their brain to tune out those 300×250 and Skycraper ad units (Sorry Google)–we strongly suggest you do your homework.

A great place to start is the

Content Marketing Institute, founded in the mid 2000’s before the term “content marketing” was even taken seriously by mainstream advertisers.  But, like any form of innovation, those who ignored Content Marketing and cross their fingers that TV Commercials and Banner Ads were going to be just fine are likely contemplating suicide right now because chances are their companies aren’t doing so well.

Well, we would hate to see that happen to you, so here are some videos we recommend which explain, quite clearly, why Content Marketing and Sponsored Content are really the ONLY way to go if you want to market your products.

This is basically a documentary which explains the history of advertising and how human nature led us to the strategy we’ve come to call Content Marketing.

This second video discusses  the business model behind Content Marketing much more in-depth.  It’s purely from a business-standpoint but–and please always keep this in mind if you decide to try your hand at content marketing…

Success comes by creating great content.  There are no tricks.  Just make GREAT CONTENT!

This last and final video (which is also the longest, but well worth it) is a talk given by Joe Pullizi, author of a few books on Content Marketing and probably the single-most knowledgeable person on the subject.

Okay, back to this whole Sponsored Content thing…

How It Works (Step By Step)

If you’ve decided you want to give this sponsored content thing a try (good choice), here are the steps…

  1. Contact Us (Facebook Is Preferred)
  2. Submit Some Content Ideas
  3. We’ll Review Your Ideas To Determine The Best Fit
  4. You Produce The Content
  5. We Check It
  6. We Publish It (Full Credit To Your Brand)
  7. We Promote It

If you’re still not quite grasping the superiority of Sponsored Content as a marketing tool, read on…

What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing And Sponsored Content?

There is no difference. Sponsored Content is simply Content Marketing that you pay for.  It’s “sponsored by you” and, when executed correctly, it can make a profound positive impact on your customer’s perception of your brand.

Yes, you can create your own blog and start writing article after article, but chances are you don’t know enough about SEO, how much smarter Google is getting, and the general direction of the internet.

It will take you years to build a content based website–without spending money that is–that looks professional, provide accurate information, and most importantly, drives sales.  So why not take advantage of what we’ve already built with SuppWithThatcom.

Why Is Sponsored Content So Valuable?

It’s been about 20 years since the internet was made available to the average consumer and throughout that time we’ve seen some pretty remarkable changes.  One of the biggest changes that occurred was the rise and fall of banner ads (traditional ads you see on websites).

These used to be great…until consumers started to just tune them out completely.  Some people even installed ad-blocking software which doesn’t even allow advertisers to have a chance at converting that person into a customer.

We’ve run tons  of banner ads for many different brands here on SuppWithThat.com and most of them have performed horribly.  We have the data.  Ads suck…

That’s why Sponsored Content is so important.  It’s essentially a way of advertising that doesn’t rely on diverting the users attention to sell your product.  Instead, you produce content that they actually WANT to read and, overtime, convert them into customers

To sum it up, Sponsored Content offers the following advantages over traditional advertising…

  It’s Your Voice

Who better to communicate what your brand is all about than you?  That’s right…nobody.  Your content is a representation of you and it’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce your brand to the consumer in a way that a banner ad or traditional ad could NEVER do.

 Exposure Is Unlimited

What happens when you run an ad with Google or Facebook?  It ends.  If you’re like most people that try their hand at Facebook and Google advertising, when it ends you say to yourself “well damn…that wasn’t worth it!” because–let’s face it–it’s usually a waste of money.  Sponsored Content, on the other hand, never ends!

Your content will remain on our site for years and if it’s well done, it’ll attract traffic indefinitely.  Imagine that!  One article you wrote bringing your sales for years and years to come.

  You Build Trust

Traditional advertising is shady.  It involves being flashy and making insane claims because you’re time and/or space is limited.  This results in a lot of advertisers inadvertently losing the trust factor associated with their brand.  Sponsored Content gives you the opportunity to educate readers and gain their trust in a way that can’t be accomplished through traditional ads.

Why SuppWithThat?  Can’t I Just Publish My Own Content For Free?

SuppWithThat.com attracts thousands of visitors each day, mostly through organic Google traffic.  If you’re familiar with how the internet really works, you understand that organic (search) traffic is the best traffic there is because it represents genuine interest in the subject matter of the site.

If you’ve ever tried to build a website from scratch, you’re probably also aware that this is an extremely competitive industry (e-commerce and supplements in general), so the chances that you would be able to acheive the scale that we’ve built at SuppWithThat in any sort of short period of time is out of the question.

Google is a harsh mistress.  It takes months, even years, to rank high and that’s only if you’re content is actaully GOOD.  So why not take advantage of site that already consistently ranks on the first page of Google for the majority of search terms associated with the supplements we cover.  If you want to do it yourself, for for it, but you should have started 3-4 years ago.

Why Do I Need Organic Traffic?  What About Facebook And Twitter?

You can certainly utilize Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your site, but does that mean the traffic is well-targeted?  We’ve all seen those fake Facebook ads that are madet to look like news stories.

“Scientists have found a seceret muscle-building pill that the government doens’t  want you to know about!”

If you fell for one of these, it’s okay.  They were pretty good at getting your attention when they first started, but if you keep clicking on them, only to find some cheap Tribulus-based BS natural test-booster that costs $100 and won’t do anything for you, shame on you…Stop falling fo that!

You see, the reason organic (Google) traffic is so much more high quality than other forms of “forced traffic” is because Google is absolutely and undeniably the BEST way of finding information that currently exists.  It connects people who need information with websites that provide it.  So, if someone types something like “CreaBead Review” (a product by Performix) and lands on our CreadBead Review page, they’re getting all the info they need and Google recognizes that by tracking user behavior.

That’s why traffic from search engines (like Google) is considered “Organic Traffic“.  It’s natural.  It’s the best quality traffic.  Those people really CARE about the subject matter of the site because they searched for the information themselves.

Contrast this with flashy Facebook ad that says “This Revolutionary New Testosterone Booster Has Scientists Worried…” and then brings you to a website that sells some nonsense herbal test-booster and it’s easy to see why SuppWithThat.com attracts so much organic, high-quality traffic.

We tell it like it is, and people appreciate that.  If you have a truly great product (clinically dosed, research-backed, transparent, unique in some way), you’ll benefit immensely from us promoting your product to our audience.

Still not getting it?  Here are some stats you may want to consider

100,000 unique vistors/month (Organic Traffic)
150,000+ email subscribers (Newsletter Traffic)
30k+ Twitter scubscribers (They’re real, we don’t pay for them)

Because SuppWithThat is such a niche site, focused exclusively on supplements (as opposed to general fitness, working out, health/wellness, nutrition, etc.), our users are here for one thing and one thing only:

To find the next best product.  If you provide it, and we promote it, they will come.  We urge any brand that truly wants to be innovative and cutting edge to imliment some form of content marketing, even if it’s not throuh us.

There’s no about it: If you’re not doing some form for Content Marketing, you’re losing.  You may think you’re winning, but trust us–we’ve been around for while and watched hundereds of brands come and go–and we can honestly say the ones that stick around focus on building trust with consumers.  And what’s the best way to do that?  Teach them things the didn’t know.  Enlighten them.  Lead them down the right path…

The Bottom Line On Sponsored Content

If you’re an honest, transparent, ethical supplement company who would like to publish some content which

Helps our readers understand supplements better
Promotes your products in a transparent, appropriate way
Has unlimited traffic potential

Then shoot us a Facebook message with your proposed content ideas and we’ll get back to you.  Thanks.

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