Six Star Thermogenic Shred Review

Thermogenic Shred is a weight-loss supplement by Iovate relased under the Six Star Pro Nutrition brand. It contains several ingredients which can be found in many other fat-burners so we wouldn’t consider it particularly revolutionary in any sense…

Thermogenic Shred


Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a well-established ergogenic aid, oral consumption of which triggers the release of Catcholamines (Noradrenaline, Dopamine, Adrenaline, etc.), generally inducing a state of increased alertness, focus, and perceived energy.

Additionally, Caffeine can enhance calcium-ion release in muscle tissue, which directly increases muscle contraction force. Rather than discuss dozens of studies, we’ll leave it at this: Caffeine is an extremely effective ergogenic aid, though tolerance build-up is certainly an issue to keep in mind.

Like several other recently released Iovate (Six Star Pro Nutrition, MuscleTech, Hydroxycut, Xenadrine) products, Thermogenic Shred contains 270mg of Caffeine per serving, not what most would consider a “low” dose but not necessarily over the top either.

Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee Extract contains Chlorogenic Acid which has been shown to block carbohydrate absorption in humans, thus mimicking the effects of a reduced carb-diet. We discuss Green Coffee Extract in depth in this article, but most likely users would need to consume at least 2 servings of Thermogenic Shred to benefit from Green Coffee Extract.


With the overwhelming amount of evidence indicating that Theanine enhances the positive effects of Caffeine AND reduces the negative effects, it amazes us that more brands don’t use it. Theanine and Caffeine is one of the few combinations that can actually be considered synergistic, rather than merely additive.

Theanine is effective in doses of 50-200mg and the synergistic benefits depend on how much Caffeine is being consumed with it.  Thermogenic Shred contains 100mg of Theanine per serving, a helpful addition to a formula that contains multiple stimulants.

Cocoa Extract

Cocoa Extract is generally standardized for Theobromine, a chemical relative of Caffeine but that remains seriously under-researched with regards to weight-loss potential. Preliminary studies indicate that Theobromine is a cardiac stimulant, but it does not appear to have psychoactive effects like Caffeine (i.e. energy).


Yohimbine acts as an alpha(2) receptor antagonist, meaning it inhibits the receptor responsible for blocking lipolysis (breakdown of fat). By blocking the action of this receptor Yohimbine allows for more lipolysis than would otherwise be possible from exercise.

We discuss the fat-burning implications of Yohimbine further in this article, but it can be very effective, assuming the right dose.  That said, Since Six Star only lists the total amount of Yohimbe, not Yohimbine, present in Thermogenic Shred, we can’t be sure of the dose.

Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise has been to shown to increase metabolic rate in response to a physiological stressor (in this case cold exposure) via activation of Brown Adipose Tissue. It’s potential for weight-loss is discussed in this article.

Six Star lists the total amount of Grains of Paradise extract in Thermogenic Shred at 20mg per serving.

Cayenne Pepper

Though commonly standardized for Capsaicin content alone, Cayenne also contains other compounds, collectively referred to as Capsaicinoids, which include Dihydrocapsaicin and Nordihydrocapsaicin.

A 2007 study noted an increase in fat oxidation (relative to placebo) during low intensity exercise in healthy adult males who consumed 150mg of capsaicin one hour before exercise.

Elsewhere, different Capsinoids (possibly also found in Cayenne), have been shown to exert similar effects.  While Cayenne Pepper is not likely to induce drastic weight-loss by itself, it does certainly help to round out the thermogenic component of Thermogenic Shred.

The Bottom Line

Thermogenic Shred contains several known weight-loss ingredients as well as some that we’d still consider a little speculative.  Most of the ingredients are dosed effectively and, at two servings daily, Thermogenic Shred may induce some weight-loss when combined with exercise.  We wouldn’t say it’s a game changing formula but, overall, it’s not a bad option if the price is right.

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