Sheer Strength Labs Sheer Block: An Evidence-Based Review

Sheer Block is a carb-blocker by Sheer Strength Labs, maker of various other sports nutrition/weight-loss supplements such as Sheer Shred and Sheer Nitro.

For those unfamiliar with the term “carb-blocker”, it refers to any substance (or group of substances) that reduces the amount of carbohydrates your body can absorb from food, theoretically mimicking the effects of a reduced-carb diet without actually adhering to one…

Sheer Strength Labs Sheer Block



Sheer Strength Labs claims Sheer Block will do the following:

  • Reduce Carb Absorption
  • Reduce Appeitite and “Cheat Day” Damage
  • Increase Fat Burning

So, although the product is primarily marketed as a carb blocker, it would appear as though Sheer Strength Labs feels it can burn fat as well, beyond that which you might lose by reducing carb intake.  Let’s take a look inside and see if the Sheer Block formula actually has what it takes to back up these claims…

Sheer Block Ingredients

Sheer Block contains just two active ingredients, White Kidney Bean and Green Tea Extract, both of which have a fair amount of research behind them, but with entirely different underlying mechanisms by which they may influence weight-loss.

White Kidney Bean Extract

In vitro studies indicate that White Kidney Bean Extract functions inhibit–to some degree–the activity of Amylase, an enzyme cheifly responsible for carbohydrate absorption.

In animal studies (mice), White Kidney Bean was shown to induce weight-loss and increase carbohydrate excretion (mice pooped out more carbs, indicating that they were not absorbed).

Several human studies have noted small but significant blockage of carb-absorption when using highly purified Amylase inhibiting extracts of White Kidney Bean.  When using an extract known as Phase 2 (highly standardized White Kidney bean), research suggests it makes for a somewhat useful adjunct option for weight-loss, but may not be particularly effective on it’s own.

Furthermore, if you look at the all the studies together, it becomes clear that White Kidney Bean is no miracle weight-loss supplement.  It can be useful in individuals who are over-eating and is possibly worth taking with high carb meals, but if you want a fat-burner, you’ll need something like Rauwoslcine or Synephrine (which actually burn fat).

Grean Tea Catechins

The term “Green Tea Catechins” is kind of a  blanket term for various active components found in Green Tea Extract, not all of which are important for weight-loss.

Studies have certainly concluded that Green Tea Extract can be useful for weight-loss, but this appears to be due to the presence of EGCG, a naturally occurring component of Green Tea which inhibits the action of Catechol-O-Methyltransferase, an enzyme which degrades Catecholamines.

Since Catecholamines (Dopamine, Noradrenaline, etc.) burn fat, inhibiting the enzyme that breaks them down will effectively extend or amplify the action of these chemicals and can favorably influence weight-loss.

Several meta-analyses have been conducted on Green Tea–specifically as it pertains to weight-loss–and it appears to only be reliably effective when used in conjunction with Caffeine.  This makes perfect sense because Caffeine releases Catecholamines and EGCG blocks the degradation of Catecholamines.

Sheer Strength Labs is using a Green Tea Extract that is 50% EGCG by weight.  This is slightly above what you’ll find in other Green Tea Extract containing supplements which are standardized for EGCG.

Sheer Block Ingredient Takeaway

The Sheer Block ingredient profile simple, but does contain the necessarry ingredients to block carbohydrate absorption to some degree.  You can’t mimick a low-carb diet if you’re still eating tons of carbs, but Sheer Block can absolutely help.

Is Sheer Block Safe?

Both of the ingredients in Sheer Block have proven to be well-tolerated in human studies.  Green Tea Extract, at high enough doses, may cause nausea, but the dose present in Sheer Block isn’t likely to do that.

Where To Buy Sheer Block

Like all Sheer Strength Labs products, you’ll find Sheer Block at:

Sheer Strength Labs is atypical in terms of the retailers that carry the brand’s products.  If you want access to the whole line, Amazon is the place to go.  Feel free to check out this article on Buying Supplements from Amazon.

The Bottom Line

If you’re someone who tends to overeat–particularly carbohydrates–Sheer Block may be just the tool your looking for to block some of those carbs.  For faster and more noticeable results, however, you may want to pair Sheer Block with a powerful fat-burner such as Sheer Thermo which can be found on our Best Fat-Burners List. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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