RedCon1 Double Tap: An Evidence-Based Review

Double Tap is a fat-burner by RedCon1 which, we’re proud to say, is probably the most creatively named fat-burner we’ve heard of (haha!).  Double Tap is designed to increase your body’s ability to burn fat, increase energy, and reduce the hunger cravings that generally come about during cutting phases.

RedCon1 DoubleTap



Doule Tap is designed to tackle several areas, mostly pertaining to weight-loss.  The benefits–as listed on the RedCon1 official website–are as follows:

  • Reduce Hunger
  • Improve Energy
  • Enhance Memory
  • Speed Metabolism

With the exception of enhancing memory, this is the same basic benefits most thermogenic fat-burners are intended to provide, but does Double Tap have what it takes to deliver?  Let’s take a looka the formula and find out…

Double Tap Ingredients

The Double Tap formula is relatively concise, with just 7 active ingredients, most of which can be found in other fat-burners though not necessarily together.  We’ve definitely never seen this precise combination of ingredients before.


Carnitine is an amino acid with anti-oxidant properties which is found in various protein-rich foods such as red meat and dairy.  It plays an integral role in the transport of Fatty Acids into the mitochondria of the cell where they are oxidized (burned) for energy.  For this reason, it has been marketed as a fat-burner.

While it is true that Carnitine is necessary for the body to burn fat, research indicates that supplementation in non-deficient humans does not result in weight-loss.

Initially, we thought RedCon1 tossed Acetyl-L-Carnitine in the mix to encourage weight-loss, but Carnitine has mechanisms by which it can optimize brain function.  This aligns with RedCon1’s claim that Double Tap enhances memory and has a lot more research in support of it than the weight-loss claims often attached to Carnitine.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is one of the few non-stimulant weight-loss supplements that’s actually useful, but it needs to be combined with stimulants (like Caffeine) to actually induce some noticeable weight-loss.  This is because the active component in Green Tea Extract, EGCG, functions as a Catechol-O-Methyltransferase (COMT) inhibitor.

COMT is an enzyme (really a family of related enzymes) that breaks down Catecholamines including Dopamine and Noradrenaline.  These are the same chemicals which are released as a result of Caffeine consumption (and other stimulants).  So, once these chemicals are released, EGCG simply allows them to remain active for longer.

Since Catecholamines are endogenously released via exercise (especially resistance training), it is possible that EGCG could be useful without Caffeine, but most of the research on Green Tea Extract/EGCG indicates that it’s much more effective when combined with Caffeine.

RedCon1 doesn’t disclose the amount of EGCG in their Green Tea Extract.

Caffeine Anhydrous

As previously stated, Caffeine consumption releases Catecholamines which have inherent fat-burning properties.  This makes Caffeine worth utilizing in any fat-burner and is the reason why Caffeine often forms the basis for stimulant-powered fat-burners.

It essentially kickstarts your fat-burning engine and, while research indicates Caffeine isn’t particularly effective as a longterm weight-loss supplements (due to tolerance build-up), the efficacy can be enhanced when it’s combined with other ingredients (such as EGCG)

Double Tap provides 150mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per serving.

Di-Caffeine Malate

In addition to Caffeine Anhydrous, Double Tap also contains 150mg of Di-Caffeine Malate, a less rapidly absorbed form of Caffeine that is intended to provide a more sustained boost of energy and focus.


Teacrine is a patented form fo Theacrine, a Caffeine-like stimulant that appears to be more selective for Dopamine and less likely to cause tolerance build-up.  Theacrine is still a relatively new ingredient in the bodybuilding supplement industry, but many companies have already adopted it for use in fat-burners and pre-workout supplements.

We discuss Theacrie in-depth here, but to make a long story short, the research is still in its infancy.  Theacrine has been shown to improve focus and mental alertness, but the fat-burning potential has yet to be studied.


2-Aminoisoheptane is being called “the next DMAA”.  Although there isn’t a lot of research (or any really), it’s chemical structure indicates it probably functions similar to DMAA but is probably less potent as a stimulant.  The good news, however, is that it’s legal!  Sure, the FDA may take it away at a moments notice,  but for now you can go ahead and buy all the 2-Aminoisoheptane you want!


Octopamine is a naturally occuring stimulant found alongside Synephrine in Bitter Orange.   Like Synephrine, Octopamine is a beta-receptor agonist meaning it stimulates the receptors directly responsible for initiating Lipolysis (fat-breakdown).

However, because Octopamine appears to be more selective for β3-adrenoceptors as opposed to β2-adrenoceptors or β1-adrenoceptors, it’s efficacy as a fat-burner has been called into question based on the fact that β3-adrenoceptors are less prevelant in human white adipose (fat) tissue.

While such criticisms may be valid, this doesn’t mean it makes the formula less effective.  On the contrary, Octopamine likely adds to the fat-burning potency of the overall Double Tap formula.

Double Tap Ingredient Takeaway

The Double Tap ingreident profile is certainly an effective one if fat-loss is your goal.  The formula is almost entirely stimulant-based–so it’s not for the stimulant-sensitive individual–but doesn’t provide an overload of any particular stimulant.

Is Double Tap Safe?

Double Tap contains its fair share of stimulants, but there is nothing inherently dangerous about the product if used as recommended.  We definitely wouldn’t go exceeding two scoops in search of  some insane energy surge.  You might get more than you bargained for if you do that.  Stick with one serving at a time and you’ll be fine.

Where To Buy Double Tap

Like most RedCon1 supplements, Double Tap is available at a wide range of retailers including:

We expect to see RedCon1’s entire line avaiable just about everywhere pretty soon, but if you’re aware of any other retailers that carry Double Tap, please comment below.

The Bottom Line

Double Tap is certainly a stim-powered fat-burner, but it’s by no means overly stimulating or dangerous for most people to use.  You’ll likely feel a strong surge of energy that lasts at least a few hours along with some appetite suppression and the ability to go longer and harder during your workout.

If you’re looking for a fat burner that contains clinical doses of effective ingredients, check out our best fat burner list. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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