RedCon1 Aftermath: An Evidence-Based Review

Aftermath is a post-cycle therapy supplement by RedCon1, Aaron Singerman’s new brand, which is designed to promote general health after your cycle but makes sense to take on cycle as well…

RedCon1 Aftermath


The official supplement facts panel for Aftermath has yet to be released, but we’ll update this post with our official evidence-based review once RedCon1 releases it.  Based on the brands other supplements that we do know the ingredient profile of (such as the pre-workout Total War), this is clearly a brand that is doing things the right way.  Everything so far appears to be research-backed, clinically-dosed, and 100% transparent so we’d be surprised if Aftermath didn’t follow those same basic principles.

Time will tell! exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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