Performix Gluta-Bead: An Evidence-Based Review

Gluta-Bead is the latest single-ingredient supplement by Performix, the brand behind CreaBead, which contains 5g of Glutamine.  As with all Performix supplements, Gluta-Bead is premised around the claim that Performix’s Terra-Bead Technology boosts absorption and bioavailability.

As most of our regular readers know, Glutamine is vastly over-hyped as a bodybuilding supplement, but some of the issue stems from absorption.  So, is Gluta-Bead just some over-priced nonsense or does it actually provide benefits that can’t be obtained with ordinary Glutamine supplements?  Let’s find out…

Performix Gluta-Bead


The primary claims attached to Gluta-Bead is essentially the same one attached to every other Glutamine supplement under the sun: Recovery!  Unfortunately, Glutamine supplementation is pretty pointless in most cases, partly because L-Glutamine is poorly absorbed, but does Gluta-Bead have what it takes to make good on these claims?


GlutaBead Ingredients

The only ingredient in Gluta-Bead is L-Glutamine (at a pretty typical dose), but Performix alleges that Gluta-Bead is far superior to other Glutamine supplements which contain the same amount of L-Glutamine per serving due to the use of Terra-Bead Technology.  So, we’ll look at both of these things…


L-Glutamine has been widely used in the bodybuilding world for decades now.  It’s popularity stems from the fact that Glutamine is used in a vast amount of bodily processes, especially those pertaining to exercise.  It has been noted that extended exercise sessions (2 hours or more) can deplete Glutamine levels quite severely, so Glutamine has long been believed to convey recovery benefits.

We discuss the benefits (or lack thereof) of Glutamine in our article: Why Glutamine Supplements Are Almost Completely Useless, but if you don’t feel like reading that, here’s the short version.  Glutamine is important within the body but supplementing with excess Glutamine is not going to help you gain muscle, recover faster, or improve exercise performance UNLESS you partake in long-duration, high-intensity exercise (like marathon running).

If you’re just hitting the gym for an hour or two each day, it’s just not going to do much for you.

Terra-Bead Technology

Performix’s entire brand is premised around the notion that the Terra-Bead Technology that encapsulates the ingredients somehow massively enhances bioavailability across the board.  Unfortunately, Performix offers very little in the way of credible scientific evidence to support this claim, leading us to believe that this magical Terra-Bead Technology is nothing more than marketing hype.

Gluta-Bead Ingredient Takeaway

Gluta-Bead contains nothing special in terms of ingredients.  The only active ingredient is L-Glutamine at a dose of 5g.  If you look at just about every other Glutamine supplement, you’ll find the same ingredient (L-Glutamine) at the same dose.  So, it would appear as though the value of Gluta-Bead is dependent on consumers believing the whole Terra-Bead Technology pitch.  Do we believe it?  No, but that’s up to you…

Is Gluta-Bead Safe?

Gluta-Bead is entirely safe.  There’s nothing to worry about with this formula because it only contains an average dose of L-Glutamine.  Even four times that dose would be well-tolerated by most people…

The Bottom Line

Gluta-Bead isn’t worth the premium that Performix has slapped on it.  It’s the same as any other Glutamine supplement.  If you believe every brand that claims they have magical technology that increases the absorption of the ingredients in their formulas and gives them a competitive advantage that can’t be matched…shame on you!  Come on guys, use your brain.  It’s just good marketing. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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