MuscleTech Cell-Tech Hyper-Build: An Evidence-Based Sceintific Review

Cell-Tech Hyper-Build is the latest iteration of MuscleTech’s popular muscle-builder, Cell-Tech, which is pretty much what we’d expect from MuscleTech at this point.  Clinically-dosed and transparent, yes, but contains nothing particularly ground-breaking…

Cell-Tech Hyper-Build


Cell-Tech Hyper-Build, despite being marketed as a more advanced version of Cell-Tech, does not contain any ingredients that MuscleTech hasn’t already used several times over.  Though we sometimes see MuscleTech (and it’s affiliated brands) reaching for the next exciting ingredient (usually a disappointment), that is not the case with Cell-Tech Hyper-Build.

The combination of BCAAs and Creatine is certainly favorable when it comes to promoting muscle-growth and Taurine/Tart Cherry may provide something in way of enhanced recovery, but if you’re expecting drastic results you will most certainly be disappointed with this one.

If you’re looking for a muscle-builder that will actually help you pack on lean muscle quickly, check out our Best Muscle Building Supplements List for some recommendations.

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