MTS Nutrition Insurgent: An Evidence-Based Review

Insurgent is a natural testosterone booster by MTS Nutrition, the brand behind Clash, Drop Factor, and Barracuda–another natural test-booster which contains some of the same ingredients…

MTS Nutrition Insurgent


One thing we can definitely say about MTS Nutrition, as a brand, is that it makes the purpose of each product clear as day.  In the case of Insurgent, it’s meant to “Increase Total And Free Testosterone“.

What’s not so clear though, is how much?

Of course we wouldn’t expect a “natural” test-booster to increase Testosterone to the point that muscle protein synthesis is actually accelerated, but optimizing for “healthy” (normal) Testosterone levels is worth doing if you’re trying to build muscle.

That doesn’t mean Insurgent will “make you build muscle”, but it can potentially optimize your hormonal environment and ultimately give you some sort of slight edge when it comes to training.

But enough conjecture.  Let’s dive in to the supplement facts and see if Insurgent has what it takes to do what MTS Nutrition says it will.

Insurgent Ingredients

Insurgent consists of four primary active ingredients, two of which can be found in Barracuda

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, though also a highly effective recovery aid, has been shown encourage optimal Testosterone levels (higher end of the normal range).

It appears to work by decreasing oxidative damage in muscle tissue which indirectly leaves more Androgen Receptor intact and has been shown to increase Androgen Receptor density.  So, it doesn’t increase Testosterone, per se, but may amplify it’s effects slightly.

LCLT is also found in Barracuda, but Barracuda contains three times as much (3000mg).  Still, with 1000mg of LCLT per serving, Insurgent does fall in the “clinical range”, especially if you stack it with Barracuda!

Shilajit (PrimaVie)

PrimaVie is a highly standardized form of Shilajit extract which, unlike most herbal extracts alleged to boost Testosterone, has actually been shown to increase Testosterone levels in healthy adult males.

It should be noted, of course, that adult males (we’re talking 45-50 years old) generally have low Testosterone levels, relative to younger males.  For that reason, it’s not quite clear how PrimaVie would impact young, healthy males.

This is definitely one ingredient that MTS is proud to include in Insurgent.  They make a pretty big deal about it on the Tiger Fitness Insurgent page.

What they don’t mention, however, is that Shilajit simply hasn’t been studied enough to conclude that it’s a “highly effective Testosterone booster” for everyone, only for older men (which would make sense).  Will it help you build muscle?  Maybe a little but again, no studies…

Spilanthes Acmella Extract

Spilanthes Acmella is a plant with a relatively well-documented history of use for a variety of purposes.  It has been shown to improve sexual function and the mechanism is believed to be via increasing Testosterone.  However, not many studies have been conducted thus far in that area.

For now, all we really have to go by is a study in mice, but that doesn’t help much when it comes to determining the ideal dose…

So we’ll just have to assume the 300mg found in Insurgent will do something.

Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack)

Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as LongJack, is an herbal aphrodisiac and libido enhancer.  While not studies have shown that it increases Testosterone in individuals with initially healthy Testosterone levels, it has proven effective for Testosterone restoration.

That is, if you have abnormally low Testosterone, it’ll help restore sexual function and promote a favorable hormonal environment.  Will it raise Testosterone levels in people with initially normal Test levels?  Who knows…

Insurgent Ingredient Takeaway

As a Testosterone-optimizer/restoration supplement, Insurgent is pretty effective.  It’s a simple formula but contains the necessary ingredients (at the right doses) to push your Testosterone levels towards the higher end of the normal range.

The thing to keep in mind here is that none of the ingredients in Insurgent have been shown to boost Testosterone to the point that accelerated muscle growth occurs.

Barracuda is still better, but stacking them would be an even better option than taking either one alone.

Is Insurgent Safe?

There’s no reason to believe Insurgent is NOT safe.  Most of the ingredients have well-established safety profiles and since we’re talking about all-natural ingredients here which have all been used for years, it’s unlikely you’ll experience any negative effects that negate the good.

Maybe a little stomach discomfort if you take it on an empty stomach, but you should be taking a supplement like this with food anyway.

Insurgent Vs. Barracuda

Like we said, we like Barracuda better.  We’re not really sure why MTS came out with another all-natural test-booster when the already have a pretty good one.  Insurgent is nice if you prefer pills and appreciate simplicity, but Barracuda is more of an all-encompassing type supplement.

Of course, you could always stack them both!  The only overlap there would be with L-Carnitine L-Tartrate for a total of 4g (perfectly safe) and Eurycoma Longifolia for a total of 400mg (also perfectly safe).

Actually, when you look at both formulas side by side, stacking them is definitely a good idea.

Where To Buy

Like all MTS Nutrition supplements, Insurgent is available at:

Tiger Fitness

We’re sure it’ll make it’s way out to more retailers eventually, but for now that’s the place to go…

The Bottom Line

Insurgent is by no means a revolutionary all-natural Testosterone-booster.  It’s actually quite rudimentary, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  If you’re looking for something simple to help optimize you’re Tesosterone levels and give you a bit of a libido-boost, Insurgent is worth considering.

If you’re still not sure which Testosterone-Booster is right for you, check out our Best Testosterone Boosters/Optimizers list. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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