Momentum Nutrition Formula 56

Formula 56 is a fat-burner by Momentum Nutrition, the brand founded by SuppWithThat creator Matt Theis, which also makes Catalyst and Amino Beyond.

Like all Momentum Nutrition products, Formula 56 contains nothing but clinical doses of research-validated ingredients and doesn’t rely too heavily on stimulants to get the job done…

Momentum Nutrition Formula 56


Formula 56 Ingredients

Formula 56 contains 8 active ingredients, each of which has a specific function which contributes to the efficacy of the product as a whole.  In other words, it’s a well balanced product which is ultimately capable of providing some noticeable results, but let’s take a look at each ingredient first…


Naringin is a phytonutrient found in Citrus fruits, such as Grapefruit where it is responsible for the slightly bitter taste.  Although it is just one of many naturally occurring substances found in fruits that is believed to convey some health benefits, Naringin has actually been studied fairly extensively in isolation.

Perhaps this is due to the popularity of The Grapefruit Diet.  Regardless of the reason, the research is certainly in favor of Naringin as a weight-loss agent.

Naringin has been shown to stimulate production of Adiponectin, a specialized protein involved in the breakdown of fatty acids in fat cells.  Furthermore, Naringin has been shown to synergistically enhance the metabolic rate increase seen with Synephrine supplementation.

We discuss this relationship in more detail here, but it seems Momentum Nutrition is well aware of this research, given that Formula 56 contains the precise dose used in the study (600mg) in combination with Hesperidin and Synephrine.


Caffeine is probably the single most common ingredient in supplements aimed at fat-loss, mostly because it signals the release of Noradrenaline, a potent stimulator of lipolysis (fat-breakdown).  In other words, Caffeine releases a chemical (Noradrenaline) which tells the body to breakdown stored fat and release fatty acids into the blood stream which are than freely available to be burned during exercise.

Many studies have examined the effects of Caffeine on fat-loss, both in the short-term and long-term, with the general consensus being that it is indeed an effective fat-loss agent.  Unfortunately, due to tolerance build-up, it isn’t particularly effective on its own and must be combined with other substances in order to derive much long-term benefit.

Fortunately, Formula 56 contains several additional ingredients that may enhance the benefits of Caffeine, making it an effective addition to the formula.


Citicoline, also known as CDP Choline is a highly bioavailable form of Choline which has been studied for a variety of potential health benefits.  While Citicoline may have some appetite suppression properties, it appears as though Momentum Nutrition has included it in Formula 56 as a means of combatting the cognitive decline (lack of focus, attention, etc.) that generally occurs during fasted state training or dieting.

Indeed, 250mg of Citicoline, the precise dose found in Formula 56, has been shown to enhance aspects of cognitive function in healthy human subjects.

This is one ingredient (and dose) that certainly helps separate Formula 56 from other fat-burners which tend to focus solely on weight-loss but leave out important supporting functions.


Theanine, which is also found in Momentum’s pre-workout Catalyst, is generally used as a non-drowsy calming agent and has been studied in human subjects quite extensively.

Of particular interest to users of fat-burners (and pre-workouts) is Theanine’s ability to synergistically enhance the benefits of Caffeine (enhanced cognitive function) while simultaneously reducing the negative side effects (jitters, anxiety, etc.).

While it has no inherent fat-loss properties on its own, it provide excellent support for individuals who may not react well to high doses of Caffeine.

Formula 56 contains 200mg of Caffeine per serving, well within the clinical range.


Hesperidin, like Naringin, is found in Citrus fruits like Grapefruit and has similar weight-loss implications.  In fact, Hesperidin has been studied in combination with Naringin and Synephrine and has been shown to further enhance the synergy noted with those two ingredients with regards to increasing the metabolic rate.

Formula 56 contains the precise (100mg) dose of Hesperidin used in the study in which the combination of Naringin, Hesperidin, and Synephrine boosted the metabolic rate roughly 4 times as much as Synephrine alone.


Forskolin is the primary active compound found in Coleus Forskohlii responsible for the weight-loss benefits.  It is one of the few non-stimulant substances that is actually an effective fat-burner.  It works by increasing the action of the signaling molecule known as cAMP which in turn stimulates lipolysis.

Given this mechanism of action, Forskolin may work synergistically with stimulants such as Caffeine and Synephrine, though more research is required there.

Regardless of any potential synergies, Forskolin is an effective weight-loss supplement on its own and makes for an excellent addition to Formula 56.


Hordenine functions as a mild monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) which means it may enhance the effects of Caffeine and other stimulants which release fat-burning Monoamines.  While research is fairly limited with Hordenine, it’s mechanism of action is enough to justify its use in fat-burners and there is no reason to suspect it is dangerous in any way at moderate doses.

Formula 56 contains 50mg of Hordenine.


Synephrine is mild stimulant that shares the same basic mechanism as Ephedrine (but is less effective and much safer).  It has been studied fairly extensively with regards to weight-loss and has been shown to increase the Metabolic Rate in human subjects.

This Metabolic Rate increase can be further enhanced by combining Synephrine with Naringin and Hesperidin, as mentioned above and discussed in this article.

Formula 56 contains a clinical 50mg dose of Synephrine per serving.

Is Formula 56 Safe?

Yes.  Formula 56 is one of the safer stimulant-based fat-burners we’ve analyzed, containing effective but reasonable doses of both stimulant and non-stimulant ingredients.  If used correctly, there is nothing to be afraid of here.

Formula 56 REVIEWs

If you’re interested in reading user reviews, you’ll find them on:

and, at this point, a bunch of other places around the web.  When you look at the reviews all together, it’s pretty clear that Formula 56 is well-liked to say the least.  Throughout all the user reviews there are hardly any complaints.  Don’t take our word for it…

Feel free to browse the links and see for yourself.

Where To Buy Formula 56

Like all Momentum Nutrition products, Formula 56 can be found on:

Momentum doesn’t work with many mainstream retailers but it’s not hard to find the products.  IllPumpYouUp usually offers the best prices on MN products.

The Bottom Line

Formula 56 is no doubt one of the more effective, well-balanced fat-burners on the market.

Every ingredient is clinically dosed and there are multiple synergies at work which take the efficacy far beyond that which can be achieved with most alleged “fat-burners”.

If you’re not looking for an insane stim-bomb, but want something that works well, we’d recommend giving Formula 56 a try. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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