Megadrox: An Evidence-Based Review

Megadrox is a male performance enhancement supplement that the manufacturers claim will increase muscle mass, decrease recovery time, and improve muscular efficiency.  Most of the review sites that have discussed it so far appear to either be completely fake (set up by the manufacturer) or paid affiliate sites which end up trying to get you to buy the product.  So, it’s about time we actaully took a look at the ingredients in Megadrox to determine how effective it really is…


It’s always a red flag when a supplement company goes out of it’s way to hide the Supplement Facts panel for a particular supplement, and that is what appears to be going on with Megadrox.

Megadrox Ingredients

We were only able to obtain one image, from the Megadrox site, that shows the ingredients.  However, the doses of each ingredent remain a mystery…

L-Arginine HCl

Arginine is an amino acid that is used to produce Nitric Oxide, a molecule that causes vasodilation and helps maintain healthy blood flow.  For this reason, it is commonly sold as a “pump” ingredient, but research has shown that supplemental L-Arginine is poorly absorbed.

It has failed to improve aspect of erectile dysfunction and the only study that showed benefit combined Arginine with Yohimbine, a known ED-aid.

Citrulline Malate would be a much better addition to the Megadrox formula, since it is not subject to breakdown by Arginase, the enzyme that breaks down Arginine and renders it ineffective.

Furthermore, the amount of Arginine in Megadrox is a mystery.  This makes it extremely difficult to determine whether it is at all useful, but most likely it’s not.


Maca is an herb with a fairly extensive history of use throughout traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac and libido enhancer.  Research has shown that it is indeed effective, assuming the right dose (1.5-3g of Maca extract per day), but it has no influence on Testosterone or any other hormones.

This makes it of interest to anyone looking for a natural libido enhancer, but if it’s increase Testosterone you’re after, Maca won’t help you.  In the context of Megadrox, Maca simply serves as a means of improving libido and sexual wellbeing, though it’s not clear whether there is enough Maca in the formula to actually have any effect.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng, also known as Eleuthero, is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps the body adapt to stress.  It has been shown to enhance exercise endurance in some studies, but how it works is not well understood.

In the context of Megadrox, it may be useful for improve aerobic capacity (better endurance during exercise), but since we don’t know the dose, we can’t be sure.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is possibly the most widely used herbal aphrodisiac and is sometimes promoted as a natural test-boost.  To be clear, research has proven that Tribulus DOES NOT increase Testosterone.  It has failed in many studies to have any influence on Testosterone.  It is, however, an effective aphrodisiac so it may improve your libido and sexual function to some degree.

Unfortunately, as with all the other ingredents, we have no idea how much Tribulus is in Megadrox, so it’s tough to say how effective it really is in this case.


Yohimbe is an herb that is generally standardized for the compound Yohimbine, an alpha-receptor antagonist that has been shown to increase the amount of fat burned during exercise.  Yohimbine also has fairly potent vasodilating properties which make it of interest to those with erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbine may give you harder erections and better blood flow (which translates to better sex), but since we don’t know how much active Yohimbine is present in the Yohimbe used in Megadrox, it’s hard to say how effective it really is.

Megadrox Ingredient Takeaway

Megadrox doesn’t contain any muscle-building ingredients but some of the ingredients may enhance libido, sexual function, and physical endurance to some degree. Unfortunately, because the makers of Megadrox don’t tell us how much of each ingredient is present in the formula, it’s extremely difficult to gauage the efficacy of each ingredient.

Most likely, the ingredients are under-dosed.  Afterall, if they were dosed to clinical standards, the manufacturer would want you to know that, right?

What To Expect With Megadrox

Given the ingredient profile, Megadrox may make you a little hornier than usual and may help your endurance in the gym.  It may also provide firmer erections during sex, but because we don’t know the doses of any of the key ingredients, we can’t be sure that it works at all.

It’s not enough to contain the right ingredients.  An effective supplement must also contain the right doses of the right ingredients.

Is Megadrox Safe?

There are no stimulants in the Megadrox formula, nor any ingredients that are considered harmful in any way.  All of the ingredients have been studied enough to know that they’re safe when used responsibly and, in all honesty, Megadrox probably doesn’t contain enough of any of the ingredients to cause any concern with over-dosing.

The Bottom Line

Megadrox is similar to alot of other male performance enhancement products we’ve seen lately.  The obvious issue is that the manufacturer doesn’t seem to want us to know the doses, indicating that many of the ingredents are probably under-dosed.  For that reason alone, we’d pass on Megadrox.

If you’re looking for a natural libido/test-booster that actually works, check out our Best Testosterone Boosters list. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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