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Genesis is a supplement by Legion positioned as a “Green Superfood Powder”.  It is comprised of several unique herb/plant extracts, offering a wide array of health benefits…

Legion Genesis


What Is Legion Genesis Designed To Do?

The category of “Greens Supplements” is remarkably vague, so it makes sense that there’s a lot of overlap when it comes to classifying supplements.  A lot of supplements advertised as Greens Supplements are nothing more than multi-vitamins without specific doses of active ingredients.

Most of the supplements are just blends of vegetable and plant extracts which aren’t standardized for active ingredients, thereby leaving a lot of guesswork to be done when it comes to understanding/predicting the benefits.

However, Legion has done to the Greens category what they did with just about every other category.  That is, identify the benefits that Green Supplements should provide and, unlike most Greens Supplements, actually provide those benefits with clinical doses of effective ingredients.

The following list of benefits is taken directly directly from Legion’s website:

Legion Genesis Benefits


Spirulina is a blue-green algae which, compared to most other plants, contains particularly high levels of various nutrients.  In recent years, Spirulina has exploded in popularity with a wide array of potential health benefits often attached to it.

While some brands may exaggerate the benefits of Spirulina, there has been a fair amount of research conducted in recent years evaluating many of these claims.

Specifically, Spirulina has been shown to enhance exercise performance and increase fat-oxidation, enhance recovery, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce general inflammation.

There are a number of reasons to consider supplementing with Spirulina, but quality and dosing are important.  Many brands use poor-quality Spirulina that ultimately yield ineffective doses of nutrients but assuming good quality Spirulina, the above benefits can be achieved using 2-10g/daily.

Legion uses 5g of Organic Spirulina Whole Plant Powder per serving.


Astragalus has an extensive history of use throughout Traditional Chinese Medicine, and may convey a variety of health benefits.

In a research-setting, Astragalus has been shown to improve heart health (when heart health is compromised) and improve Insulin Sensitivity.  Astragalus also possesses general anti-inflammatory properties.

Genesis contains 3g of Astragalus Extract per serving.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom is a species of mushroom native to China which has been used medicinally for a few thousand years.

As with the above ingredients, Reishi has a broad range of potential benefits.  Some are more research-validated than others, but more research is needed at this time.


Like Resihi, Maca has a wide array of potential health benefits and an extensive history of use in traditional medicine.  Unlike Reisho, however, Maca has been studied much more in-depth and many of the potential benefits have actually been investigated clinically in human subjects.

Maca has been shown to enhance sexual wellbeing (libido) and improve aspects of sexual function throughout multiple studies, in both men and women.

It has also been shown to enhance exercise performance, making it suitable for bodybuilders and athletes looking for a safe, natural performance enhancement supplement.

Genesis contains 1.5g of Maca per serving, a true clinical dose.

Greens Blend

Legion combines several unique vegetable/plant extracts to provide a wide array of naturally occurring nutrients.

Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Dandelion, and Moringa each have their own respective nutrient profiles that provide different benefits, but together they form one hell of a greens profile!

Is Legion Genesis Safe?

Genesis is better than safe…It’s downright good for you!  Not only are there no harmful ingredients, unnecessary additives, or mega-doses of micronutrients, but Legion has taken the idea of a “Greens Supplement” to a new level.

The Bottom Line

Genesis is much than merely a “Greens Supplement”.  It’s really more an all-around life enhancement supplement if anything.  The benefits are well-defined, unlike most greens supplements, and those benefits are actually acheived through clinical doses of effective, quality ingredients.  As with all Legion supplements, there are no nonsense ingredients or unnecessary additives.

If there’s one greens supplement we’d actually recommend, it’s Genesis. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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