LeanFire XT: An Evidence-Based Review

LeanFire XT is a thermogenic fat-burner by Force Factor, a brand which has put out some products over the years that can definitely be considered under-dosed/over-priced and tends to rely on flashy marketing rather than innovation.

That said, LeanFire XT is brand new, so we’ll reserve judgement until we’ve thoroughly examined the formula…

LeanFire XT


Force Factor claims LeanFire XT will:

  • Incinerate Fat
  • Improve Endurance
  • Amplify Focus & Clarity

These claims are displayed, word for word, clear as day on the LeanFire XT page of the Force Factor website.  Sure, these make for some grand claims, but does LeanFire XT actually have what it takes to back them up?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and decide for ourselves, from a scientific perspective…

LeanFire XT Ingredients

Unfortunately, Force Factor has never been one to use transparent labels, so were FORCED to do a bit of guesswork here.  Force Factor uses terms like “Fat Incineration Blend” and “Metabolic Mind Matrix” to make the formula appear sophisticated, it’s actaully pretty simple.

There are only 7 ingredients, all of which can be found in various other fat-burners.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is typically standardized for EGCG, a molecule that has been shown to reduce the breakdown of Catecholamines, including Caffeine.  By reducing the degradation of these neurotransmitters, EGCG can enhance the fat-burning effects of stimulants like Caffeine.

It is somewhat effective on it’s own but when combined with Caffeine, Green Tea Extract can be useful for weight-loss.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the transport of fatty acids to the Mitchondria of the cell where they are burned for energy, so it is often claimed to enhance fat-burning.  In reality, it can do nothing more than help optimize the process if you’re deficient.  If you’re not deficient, meaning you already get plenty of Carnitine through a protein-rich diet, it won’t help you burn fat.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is generally standardized for the active compound, Capsaicin, which has been shown to increase thermogenesis in humans and therefore may be useful for weight-loss.  It’s not going to induce dramatic weight-loss on it’s own, but can be a useful addition to a fat-burner like LeanFire XT.


BioPerine is simply an absorption enhancer.  It does not possess any inherent weight-loss implications but may enhance the absorption of other ingredients in the LeanFire XT formula.

Theanine + Caffeine

The combination of Theanine and Caffeine is one that we’re seeing more and more often these days.  This is the result of research that reveals that these two ingredients are quite synergistic with each other.  Theanine is capable of inducing relaxation and reducing anxiety on it’s own, but it has also been shown to enhance the cognitive benefits of Caffeine while reducing the negative side effects (jitters, anxiety,etc.).

We discsus this synergistic relationship further in this article.


Theacrine is one of the latest stimulants to come on the supplement scene.  It’s made by Compound Solutions and sold under the brand name TeaCrine. A few studies have evaluated it’s psychoactive properties and there does appear to be something to it.  Theacrine functions similarly to Caffeine, but there is evidence to suggest it doesn’t result in tolerance build-up.  We discuss that further in this article, but basically it’s a stimulant that makes you feel more alert and focused.


DMAE is a cholinergic compound that has mostly been used to treat cognitive impairments.  It’s not actaully clear how it might work in healthy individuals but it may be useful for optimizing cognitive function while you’re on a diet.  It doesn’t have any inherent fat-burning properties of it’s own though.

LeanFire XT Ingredient Takeaway

LeanFire XT contains the same ingredients that can be found in about a thousand other fat-burners out there.  The only stimulants are Caffeine and Theacrine which may provide the average user with a noticeable boost of energy, but won’t blow your socks off.  The use of Theanine may help to take the edge off Caffeine, but the rest of the ingredients are either ineffective or under-dosed.


The primary issue is not with the ingredients in LeanFire XT, but with the doses of some of them.  Because Fore Factor has elected to use a proprietary blend style of labeling, we’ll never know the precise doses, but even if we ballpark it, it’s quite clear.  If you’re looking for a clinically dosed fat-burner, this isn’t it.

Is LeanFire XT Safe?

LeanFire XT is pretty safe unless you’re extremely sensitive to Caffeine.  If that’s the case, you should use caution when selecting the optimal dose…that is, if you decide to try it.

Force Factor: About As Commercial As It Gets

Force Factor is basically the epitome of why people hate on the supplement industry so much.  Under-dosed and over-priced…

It caters towards the clueless individual.  The type of individual who awkwardly stumbles into GNC and asks the sales guy–someone who usually knows nothing about the actual science behind supplements and just wants his commission–what product he/she should use.

If you really know what you’re talking about when it comes to supplements, Force Factor is a brand you probably tend to avoid.

The Bottom Line

LeanFire XT is nothing special.  It may encourage a little weight-loss over-time and will provide the average user with a bit of energy and focus, but much better results can be achieved with a fat-burner that is clinically dosed and research-validated, like the ones on our Best Fat Burner list. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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