Iron Addicts Supplements Sleeve Buster: An Evidence-Based Review

Sleeve Buster is the latest (appropriately named) supplement by Iron Addicts Supplements, the brand headed by CT Fletcher, the same brand behind the pre-workout, Sidewalk Kraka.  As the name implies, it’s a pump-based pre-workout supplement, but the claims on the packaging make it crystal clear what this supplement is all about!

CT Fletcher Sleeve Buster



CT Fletcher is certainly known for speaking his mind and being brutally honest when brutal honesty is what’s required.  So, it should come as no surprise that the claims attached to Sleeve Buster are just as straightforward as the man himself…

  • Pumps
  • Veins
  • Endurance
  • Growth
  • Fullness

Aside from these benefits, there is a paragraph on the Sleeve Buster page of the Iron Addicts site which reads:

Iron Addicts Sleeve Buster

As you can see here, this is a true CT Fletcher product description.  He appears to actually have written it himself and he even goes as far as to say you “need” this pre-workout and suggests that starting your day off with it (if money is no option) is also a good idea.

So is he right?  Is this stuff really that awesome?  Let’s take a look at the ingredients and decide for ourselves…

Sleeve Buster Ingredients

Sleeve Buster contains 5 key ingredients, most of which have been studied fairly well in the area of performance enhancement, so it’s actually pretty easy to draw some solid conlusions here…

L-Citrulline DL-Malate

Citrulline is both a pre-precursor to Nitric Oxide and a component of the Urea Cycle, the process by which toxic Ammonia is reduced to Urea and released from the body (urine).

So, it basically has two mechanisms by which it can enhance pumps and performance.  By increasing Nitric Oxide, Citrulline can increase blood flow, enhance recovery, and induce some nice pumps.

Due to it’s ability to reduce Ammonia build-up in working muscle tissue–a major cause of muscular fatigue–Citrulline can also enhance muscular endurance.  It has been shown to increase the amount of reps that can be performed later in the workout when fatigue would normally set it.

Sleeve Buster contains 6g of Citrulline Malate, a true clinical dose capable of providing the benefits stated above.  Good job CT!

BetaPower (Betaine)

Betaine, described in depth here, is a unique compound that plays a variety of roles in the body, including methyl donation (a detoxification-related process which take place in the liver).

However, Betaine has also been shown to increase strength/power, muscular endurance, and muscle size.

Although it’s precise mechanism remains undiscovered, the leading theory is that, becauser Betaine is an Osmolyte–a compound that can increase the amount of fluid (water) in cells–thereby increasing muscle cell volume, leading to a phenomenon known as “cellular swelling”.

Regardless of how it works, plenty of studies have proven that it does.  Sleeve Buster contains a solid (clinical) 2500mg dose of BetaPower (trademarked) Betaine per serving.

HydroMax (Glycerol)

Like Betaine, Glycerol is an Osmolyte which is capable of increasing the amount of water inside muscle cells, leading to greater pumps.

Studies have shown that, as a performance enhancer, Glycerol is only effective in instances where dehydration becomes a factor.

An example of someone who might benefit from Glycerol supplementation–in terms of performance enhancement specifically–would be a marathon runner or someobody who engages in long-duration, highly demanding physical activity.

If you’re just hitting the gym for an hour or two, Glycerol can definitely help provide some pumps though and Sleeve Buster contains  a solid 1g dose of HydroMax (patented Glycerol).

Beet Root Extract (1% Nitrate)

Beets themselves contain moderate levels of naturally occurring Nitrate, a precursor to Nitric Oxide.  The Nitrate>Nitrite>Nitric Oxide Pathway is considered the most direct route to increasing Nitric Oxide levels, but unfortunately, Beet Root Extract has very litttle Nitrate to offer.

In fact, CT Fletcher is actually being super honest with this one by listing the standardization at a mere 1%, meaning 10mg of Nitrate per serving.

It is true that Nitrate supplementation is an effective means of enhancing exercise capacity, but considering that the clinical range of Nitrate for enhancing performance is 300-600mg/day, it’s a safe bet that Beet Root isn’t doing much in this case.  Sorry…


Norvaline is an isomer of the Branched Chain Amino Acid, Valine.  Unlike  Valine, however, it’s not proteinogenic, meaning your body cannot use it to construct muscle.  Instead, it has an entirely different set of roles throughout the body.

Norvaline is an Arginase Inhibitor, meaning it blocks the enzyme that breaks down Arginine.  Since Arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide, blocking Arginase should theoretically increase Nitric Oxide production, leading to better blood flow and pumps.

Unfortunately, Norvaline has not been studied in humans in the area of performance enhancement.

It has been shown to block Arginase in vitro, but that’s about it.  Norvaline has been involved in studies that used multiple Nitric Oxide-enhancing ingredients, but again, no solid conclusions can be drawn from these types of studies.

Sleeve Buster contains 150mg of Norvaline.

Sleeve Buster Ingredient Takeaway

We’re thriilled to see that the Sleeve Buster formula is research-backed, clinically dosed (for the most part), and features a 100% transparent Supplement Facts panel.  CT Fletcher is probably the first celebrity to release supplements–Sleeve Buster being one of them–that don’t suck.

Sleeve Buster will absolutely give you pumps, endurance, better recovery, and ultimately better muscle growth over time.

Is Sleeve Buster Safe?

Sleeve Buster is entirely safe.  There are no stimulants or random ingredients that don’t belong.  Just clinical doses of research-backed ingredients (mostly), so even at two scoops, you don’t need to worry about anything (except wasting money because each serving contains plenty of each ingredient).

Can I Stack Sleeve Buster With My Other Pre-Workout?

Yes!  In fact, most pre-workouts these days–aside from those on our Best Pre-Workout Supplements List, of course–are light on these types of physical performance enhancing ingredints.  So, stacking Sleeve Buster with your stimulant-powered pre-workout is actually a pretty good idea.

Perhaps you might consider Sidewalk Cracka, Iron Addict Supplements’ stim-powered pre-workout.

Once Again, CT Fletcher Stepped Up His Game!

Although we’ve stated this before, we’ll just say it again.  CT Fletcher is one of the few fitness celebrities to put out formulas with research-backed ingredients at actual clinical doses.  Rich Piana did alright with a few of his, but pretty much every other celebrity just gets in the supplement game to get rich quick.

Based on the new Iron Addicts formulas, especially Sidewalk Cracka and Sleeve Buster, CT Fletcher is NOT one those sell-out celebrities.  This makes sense considering that he’s spent years just focusing on inspiring and educating people, not making money.

If there’s one celebrity-backed brand you can trust these days, Iron Addicts Supplements is it.


Yet another indication of Iron Addicts Supplements staying true to the CT Fletcher brand is the choice of flavors for Sleeve Buster:

  1. Blue Motherfuckin’ Raspberry
  2. Fruit Fuckin’ Punch
  3. Motherfuckin’ Watermelon

We applaud CT Fletcher for CLEARLY taking control of this brand, down to the flavor names themselves!

Where To Buy

Sleeve Buster is available at:

If you know of a retailer that carries this product, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something that is non-stimulant but will provide a nice pump, enhance endurance, and will definitely help you get stronger and grow over time, Sleeve Buster isn’t a bad option.  Iron Addicts has done a great job with this one.

You may find it on out Best Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout Supplements List. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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