EVLution Nutrition Z-Matrix Review

Z-Matrix is a sleep-aid by EVLution Nutritionw which contains ZMA and a solid dose of Theanine, but not much else…

EVLution Nutrition Z-Matrix



ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 which has traditionally been marketed as a testosterone booster and sleep-aid. We discuss the Testosterone-boosting implications (or lack thereof) of ZMA in this article, but for the purpose of this review we’ll focus on the sleep benefits…or lack therof.

ZMA has literally never been studied as a sleep-aid, but its individual components have and for all intents and purposes, ZMA is essentially just the sum of its individual components.

Zinc and Magnesium deficiencies have been linked to poorer sleep-quality. In those cases, Zinc and Magnesium supplementation may be effective for achieving better sleep, but in individuals who are NOT Zinc or Magnesium deficient, ZMA isn’t likely to impact sleep to any sort of significant degree.

Z-Elite contains the standard doses of ZMA ingredients in each serving, so if you’re looking for a good ZMA supplement, this is as good as any.


Theanine is a non-dietary amino acid found in Green Tea and is often the compound attributed to Green Tea’s calming effects, despite it containing comparably levels of Caffeine to soda.

As an anxiolytic and relaxation agent, Theanine has been researched relatively extensively, with all the research indicating that it is actually pretty effective. As a sleep-aid, however, it hasn’t been researched as thoroughly.

In children with ADHD, 400mg of Theanine has been shown to improve some aspects of sleep quality, but sleep quality hasn’t been studied in healthy subjects at this time.

Given that Theanine has a solid trackrecord for reducing anxiety and inducing relaxation (though not drowsiness), it makes sense to include it in sleep-aids, but whether or not it will have a profound impact on quality of sleep is unclear.

The Bottom Line

Z-Elite isn’t going to knock you out or make you sleep like a rock unless you are deficient (atleast slightly) in Zinc, Magnesium, or both so we would only really recommend it to those individuals.


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