Driven Sports SuperStim: An Evidence-Based Review

SuperStim is a stimulant-powered fat-burner by Driven Sports, the brand behind the original Craze and Craze V2, which features a relatively concise blend of alleged fat-burning ingredients, the doses of which are concealed within a proprietary blend…

Driven Sports SuperStim


Phyllanthus Extract

Phyllanthus, also known as Amla, has a somewhat well-documented history of use in traditional medicine as a cognitive enhancer.  For this reason, it pops up here in there in pre-workouts and fat-burners with the claim that it may improve focus and attention.

Unfortunately, human reserach is lacking so these claims are far from research-validated.  Driven Sports actually admits that Phyllanthus is pretty speculative though, it’s not as if the brand is claiming unrealistic benefits.

Due to the whole SuperStim formuowla being one proprietary blend, it’s impossible to say precisely how much Phyllanthus Extract is present.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine forms the basis for nearly all stimulant-powered fat-burners because it is the safest and most reliable stimulants, triggering the release of Catcholamines, and inducing state or alertness and perceived energy.

Alone, Caffeine is not a particularly effective fat-burner, mostly due to tolerance build-up deminishing the effects over time.  However, in combination with other stimulants (such as Yohimbine), Caffeine essentially kickstarts the fat-burning process.

Driven Sports has always been stubborn when it comes to revealing the doses of individual ingredients in their formulas, so it should come as no surprise that the amount of Caffeine in SuperStim is undisclosed.

If there’s one ingredient that should be disclosed, it’s Caffeine, as users will have absolutely no idea how to dose SuperStim without that knowledge.

Grapefruit Extract

Grapefruit, either in whole food or extract form, has long been alleged to aid in weight-loss.  Research has identified several naturally occuring compounds, including Naringin and Hesperidin, which can increase fat-loss.

Unfortunately, Driven Sports does not list the whole amount of Grapefruit Extract or the standardization of active compounds, so it’s impossible to determine how effective it really is in this case.

Japanese Sophora

Japanese Sophora has long been used throughout traditional asian medicine as a general health tonic and cognitive enhancer.  Although the plant contains a wide array of potentially beneficial compounds, it is usually standardized for Quercetin content.

Quercetin possesses anti-inflammatory properties that give a wide array of potential health benefits, but it does not appear to be a particularly useful weight-loss agent.

Quercetin has indeed been shown to increase energy expenditure, but only for a short time, rendering it ineffective as a long-term weight-loss solution.


Yohimbe is generally standardized for Yohimbine, the active component, which is a potent alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist.  Put simply, Yohimbe blocks the receptors which “turn off” lipolysis (fat-breakdown).  By blocking these receptors, Yohimbine allows more fat to be burned during exercise than would otherwise normally be possible.  We discuss the role of Yohimbine in fat-loss in this article.

Unfortunately, the actual Yohimbine content of Yohimbe extracts tends to vary quite significantly, making it nearly impossible to accurately predict the effects.  Furthermore, using extracts such as Yohimbe, rather than synthetic forms such as Yohimbine HCL, leaves the door wide open for side effects caused by other compounds that are also present in the extract but not listed on the label.  We discuss this further in this article.

That is why we generally recommend Rauwolscine instead of Yohimbe, but in the context of SuperStim, Yohimbe may still be effective (we just can’t be sure).

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper contains a compound called Piperine which has been shown to enhance the absorption of other nutrients.  So, it has no direct weight-loss implications, but may improve the overall absorption of the other ingredients in SuperStim.

Is SuperStim Safe?

While none of the ingredients listed on the SuperStim label are inherently dangerous when used appropriately, Driven Sports does not disclose the precise doses of any of them, making it impossible to know how much to take.

To make matters worse, Driven Sports doesn’t exactly have a reputation for honesty and integity.  The brand dealt with quite a bit of controversy several years ago when allegations surfaced that the company had knowingly spiked it’s pre-workout with a potentially dangerous chemical not listed on the label.

So, assuming that SuperStim contains only what is listed on the label and nothing else, it’s safe.  But Driven Sports hasn’t exactly build a reputation for trust, so that may be a bold assumption…

The Bottom Line

Driven Sports hasn’t exactly knocked it out of the park with SuperStim in terms of efficacy.  Only some of the ingredients have actually been proven to encourage fat-loss and the fact that DS still thinks proprietary blends are the way to go is somewhat upsetting. That said, the combination of Yohimbe and Caffeine alone is enough to induce some fat-loss, so the end result may very well be fat-loss.  It’s just that there are many other fat-burners out there which are transparently labeled and clinically dosed, so we just don’t see much of a reason to go with SuperStim.

Still not sure which fat-burner is right for you?  Check out our Top 10 Fat-Burners List! exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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