MusclePharm Diesel Review

Diesel is protein supplement belonging to MusclePharm’s Hardcore Series, along with Gainz and Wreckage. Because of the transparent labeling practices (definitely something new for MusclePharm), it’s pretty easy to size up…

MusclePharm Diesel


Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is defined as at least 90% protein by weight. This gives Isolate an obvious advantage over less pure form of protein, but due to the further processing that is required to produce Isolate it tends to be more expensive.  That is likely the reason MusclePharm has chosen to include both Isolate and Concentrate.  Diesel contains 10g of Whey Isolate.

Whey Concentrate

This is the least processed form (70-80% protein by weight) of Whey, which makes it the cheapest to manufacture.  Since concentrate has no advantage over Isolate, the only reason to include is to lower production costs.  Diesel contains 5g of Concentrate.


While Glutamine often has unsubstantiated claims tied to it, when it comes to fighting exercise-induced immune suppression it actually may be pretty effective.

Our immune systems ultimately benefit from regular exercise, but in the short-term, exercise actually temporarily lowers our immune defenses, thus making us more susceptible to infection during that time-frame. This temporary compromise of the immune system has been proven to correlate with lower levels of glutamine.

For this reason, it is suggested that increased uptake of glutamine may help keep the immune system strong post-exercise. In addition, lower glutamine levels have been recorded in over-trained athletes, suggesting that higher levels of glutamine may help to prevent overtraining.

Diesel contains 5g of Glutamine, a pretty sizeable dose compared to most recovery/amino/protein supplements.

The Bottom Line

We certainly appreciate the use of a fully transparent Supplement Facts panel which, for MusclePharm, is unexpected.  That makes it easy to accurately evaluate Diesel and, overall, we’re looking at a pretty solid protein supplement here.  With 25g of total protein per serving as well as an additional 5g of Glutamine, Diesel has what it takes to favorably influence recovery and muscle protein synthesis.  Is it the best protein supplement ever?  Of course not!  But MusclePharm has a done a fine job here nonetheless.

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