We used to have a contact form here, but it got so much spam that we decided to remove it.  We apologize if you tried to reach through that form and never received a response.  We probably didn’t see your message because it was surrounded by literally thousands of nonsense spam emails from all those damn spam bots!

Anyway, there are a few ways to get in touch with us that are a lot better…

If You’re A Reader/Subscriber

If you need to get in touch with us, shoot us a message through Facebook or @SuppWithThatcom on Twitter.

We don’t check DM’s on Twitter and our email inbox is so full of spam we’re thinking about making a spam sandwich, so don’t even try those…Seriously though, it’s 2016 guys so just reach out through Facebook if you have any questions, comments, death threats, etc. and we’ll probably get back to you pretty quickly.

If You’re A Supplement Company…

We very rarely take money for advertising, nor is traditional advertising what you should be focusing on if you’re trying to gain a competitive edge in the increasingly saturated supplement industry.

If you’re a supplement company owner/manage and you’ve finally realized that wasting money on adsense and facebook ads isn’t going to get you anywhere, we recommend contacting us about producing some Sponsored Content.


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