Cobra 6P Extreme Review

Cobra 6P Extreme is a stimulant-powered fat-burner by Blackstone Labs which contains a few potent fat-loss amplifiers as well as some ingredients that we’d still consider pretty speculative, though potentially effective…

Cobra 6P Extreme



Caffeine is by far the most common ingredient among stimulant-based fat-burners because it triggers the release of Noradrenaline, a potent activator of lipolysis.

Caffeine certainly has pro-fat-loss mechanisms but the effects tend to fade with prolonged use, rendering caffeine ineffective as a long-term weight loss solution on its own. However, when paired with other fat-burning stimulants, Caffeine can kick-start the fat-burning process.

Blackstone Labs does not disclose the exact dose of Caffeine in Cobra 6P Extreme but, given that it is listed first in a 675mg proprietary blend, we’d estimate anywhere from 200-300mg per serving.

Achyranthes Aspera

Achyranthes aspera, also known as Devil’s Horsewhip, has been shown to exert certain anti-obesity effects in mice, and this is alleged to be the result of inhibition of pancreatic enzymes (lipase and amylase).

This effect has been replicated elsewhere, but only in mice, with absolutely no human research regarding the weight-loss potential of Achyranthes aspera.

Cobra 6P Extreme contains an undisclosed amount of Achyranthes Aspera, but, even if Blackstone Labs listed the dose, it would be difficult to interpret since no human studies have been conducted.

AMP Citrate

4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate, also known as 1,3 dimethylbutylamine, bares chemical similarities to 1,3 dimethylamylamine (DMAA), the compound that became wildly popular among pre-workouts and fat-burners before being banned by the FDA. Like DMAA, very little is known about 1,3 dimethylbutylamine, other than that it has a very similar chemical structure so it should have similar effects (though not as potent).

We discuss AMP Citrate in more detail in this article, but to put it simply: the fat-burning/safety implications of AMP Citrate are not clear at this time, though it may contribute to the overall effect Cobra 6P Extreme.


Theobromine remains under-researched, especially with regards to fat-burning potential. Preliminary research indicates that Theobromine is a cardiac stimulant, but does not appear to have any potent psychoactive properties.

In the context of Cobra 6P Extreme, Theobromine may contribute somewhat to weight-loss, but we wouldn’t consider it a key ingredient.


Dendrobium has become a popular addition to pre-workout/fat-burner supplements in the past few years, especially after DMAA was banned by the U.S. FDA, but the claims surrounding its use tend to differ from company to company. Dendrobium is alleged to contain several alkaloids, including Phenylethylamines, a class of compounds which cause an increase in the catecholamine neurotransmitters and therefore may induce lipolysis to a relatively potent (though short-lived) degree. However, no analysis of the constituents of Dendrobium has ever found PEA as one of the alkaloids naturally present in the plant.

At this time there is really nothing to indicate that Dendrobium can induce weight-loss. So, in the context of Cobra 6P Extreme, it’s not a particularly important ingredient.

Advantra Z

Advantra Z is a patented form of Bitter Orange Extract which is standardized for Synephrine, although Blackstone Labs doesn’t disclose the total amount of Synephrine in Cobra 6P Extreme.

Synephrine acts as a beta-receptor agonist, directly inducing lipolysis and allowing for more fat-burning than would otherwise normally occur.

For those interested, we discuss Synephrine more in-depth here.  It may certainly contribute to the efficacy of Cobra 6P Extreme as a fat-burner.


Yohimbe Bark is standardized for Yohimbine, which is an alpha(2) receptor antagonist, meaning it inhibits the receptor responsible for blocking lipolysis (breakdown of fat). By blocking the action of this receptor Yohimbine allows for more lipolysis than would otherwise be possible from exercise.

A 2006 study, published in “Research in Sports Medicine”, found that Yohimbine supplementation (20mg/day) induced relatively significant fat loss in athletes (soccer players), but had no influence on measures of exercise performance.

Blackstone Labs does not list the exact dose of Yohimbine, but even just a few mg would be somewhat effective, especially in combination with the other stimulants present in the formula.

The Bottom Line

Cobra 6P Extreme contains several stimulant fat-burning ingredients, some with more established efficacy/safety profiles than others.  Of particular interest is Achyranthes aspera which is also present in Prime Nutrition’s Backdraft XP formula.  Overall, Cobra 6P Extreme has what it takes to burn some excess fat, but we wouldn’t recommend it to any individual who doesn’t get along with stimulants.  Again, that’s because it is entirely stimulant-based.

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