Cellucor P6 PM Review

P6 PM is a night-time test-booster (or is it?) by Cellucor which features a variety of sleep-inducing, anxiety-reducing, and test-supporting ingredients…

Cellucor P6 PM



ZMA is simply a combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. Despite earlier claims that ZMA can boost Testosterone, research indicates it is not at all reliable as a Test Booster. However, it may be useful for athletes who aren’t fulfilling their Zinc or Magnesium requirements through diet alone.

We discuss the Test-boosting implications (or lack thereof) of ZMA in this article and you can read about it’s use as a sleep-aid in this article from Supplemetrics. Feel free to do some more in-depth reading.

P6 PM contains the standard doses of each of the components.


Though often touted to increase Testosterone, Tribulus is actually completely useless in this regard. Study after study has failed to note any sort of influence on Testosterone. Tribulus has, however, proven to be an effective libido booster.

To put it simply, Tribulus may make you “feel” like you have slightly higher Testosterone levels, but it won’t actually help you build lean muscle at an accelerated.


Theanine is an amino acid found in Green Tea which has been pretty extensively researched at this point, with all of the research indicating that it can effectively reduce anxiety and induce a state of non-drowsy calmness.

In addition to promoting a state of relaxation, Theanine may also improve quality of sleep. This makes it a pretty useful addition to the Cellucor P6 PM formula…We just wish they’d tell us how much was in there.


Passionflower is generally used to combat anxiety and stress, with research indicating its mechanisms are GABA related. There is no evidence indicating any sort of direct effect on Testosterone but reducing stress may indirectly encourage healthy Testosterone levels in chronically stressed individuals.


GABA, though used in many sleep-aids, continues to be a somewhat controversial ingredient because some claim it can’t effectively cross the blood brain barrier and is therefore useless. We discuss this here, but to make a long story short, GABA is effective. People that say it isn’t effective aren’t really looking at the research as a whole.

How effective is it? That depends on the individual. In the context of Cellucor P6 PM, GABA may reduce the time it takes to fall asleep as well as improve quality of sleep. Next day grogginess can sometimes occur.


Melatonin is, by itself, a highly effective sleep aid. It can not only reduce the time it takes to fall asleep reliably and potently, but can also significantly improve quality of sleep and encourage healthy Growth Hormone levels.

We generally recommend anyone that has trouble sleeping try supplementing with Melatonin by itself, but it is certainly a useful ingredient in P6 PM and helps to add an element of certainty to the formula. For those interested in learning more about Melatonin, we discuss it here and also here.

The Bottom Line

P6 PM is an effective sleep-aid and may enhance libido in certain people. For athletes who are Zinc or Magnesium deficient, it is also an effective and convenient way of supplementing these two minerals. Will it flat-out “boost” your Testosterone? No. exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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