Where To Buy Etizolam (5 Legit Vendors)

buy etizolam

If you’re reading this post, you probably know all about Etizolam and just aren’t sure where to buy it.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past couple years, I’ve purchased Etizolam from a ton of vendors.

Some turned out to be a complete rip-off, but a handful of them turned out to be legit.

I decided to put together this article to help you buy Etizolam without getting ripped-off.

The vendors we’ll discuss in this article are all legit, meaning they will definitely give you the product (or your money back), but some of them are better than others.

Why Can You Buy Etizolam?

Etizolam is a thienodiazepine which means it’s chemically pretty similar to benzodiazepines like Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium.

Unlike prescription benzos, however, Etizolam can be purchased legally online without a prescription of any kind.

How Is This Possible?!

You see, Etizolam occupies a legal gray area under US (federal) law.  It is not a scheduled or controlled substance which means it’s not illegal to buy, sell, or possess it.

You just can’t sell it for the purposes of human consumption, so you won’t find Etizolam at your local supplement shop (unless it’s an under the counter type deal).

Instead, you’ll find Etizolam available at a wide range of online research chemical vendors, most of which explicitly state that the Etizolam they sell is “not for human consumption” and is “for research purposes only”.

Blah, blah, blah.

The point is, unless you live in one of the handful of states which has officially scheduled Etizolam, you’re free to go buy as much of it as you want.

Before You Buy Etizolam, Listen Up!

Now, before you go off and buy a bunch of Etizolam from some random research chemical site, you need to understand one thing…

Most Etizolam vendors are shady scammers who either:

  1. Don’t sell legitimate Etizolam (it’s something else)
  2. Don’t sell anything at all (just take your money)

I mean, think about it…

What are you going to do if you get ripped off?  Call the cops?  File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?  Exactly.

There’s not much you can really do about it.

Well, not to worry…

I’m about to introduce you to 5 vendors that are DEFINITELY reliable.

But first, let’s talk about what to look for when buying Etizolam.

What To Look For When Buying Etizolam

Personally, I have a strict criteria when it comes to where I buy my Etizolam.  I used this same criteria when compiling my list of the absolute best places to buy Etizolam.

Here’s what it consists of…

1 | Product Quality

Obviously, it’s impossible to gauge the quality of any vendor’s Etizolam before you buy it, but you should only need one purchase to figure out whether it’s good quality or not.

For me, good quality Etizolam requires only 1-2mg for my desired results.

If I purchase Etizolam from a particular vendor and 1-2mg isn’t doing it for me, I know it sucks and I don’t purchase from that vendor ever again.

Luckily, I did the work for you on this one because all of the vendors on the following list offer a quality product.

2 | Customer Service

In today’s business world, good customer service is everything.  For some reason, however, many research chemical vendors didn’t get the memo.

I guess many of them rely on the strength of their product, rather than contact with actual humans.  That may be fine when everything works smoothly, but when there’s an issue, it can be an absolute nightmare trying to get a response from these guys.

I’ve had situations where orders went missing and I didn’t hear a response for 3-5 days!  A week even!  That’s like a month in Etizolam time! (just kidding…not).

I don’t care how good the product is.  If a vendor doesn’t have good customer service–meaning they respond to emails in a timely manner and own up to mistakes when they happen–I don’t buy Etizolam from them and would strongly suggest you do the same.

Again, you don’t need to worry since all the vendors on this list have proven to me that they offer at least decent customer service.  Some more so than others, but they’re all up there.

3 | Shipping (Fast? Free?)

Amazon must have set the bar pretty high with their ridiculously fast shipping speeds because I find myself growing impatient when things take more than a couple days to get to me.

Needless to say, most Etizolam vendors don’t have warehouses all over the country like Amazon, but if they haul ass when orders are placed, they should be able to get you the product in 2 to 4 business days at the most (assuming you order from within the US).

The vendors on this list ship promptly and most of them take no more than 2-3 business days.

4 | Easy Payment Method

The vast majority of research chemical vendors can’t seem to get credit card processing up and running so many of them offer alternative methods of payment, like Bitcoin.

The fact is, a vendor who accepts credit cards will be more likely to be upstanding since they can’t afford to get too many charge-backs for ripping people off or their merchant processor will not hesitate to shut them down.

This has been the fate of many research chemical vendors over the years which is why most of them would rather take Bitcoin or money orders over credit cards.

Personally, I prefer to buy my Etizolam with Bitcoin because it’s quick and easy but I understand that the masses want to use credit cards because they perceive them to be easier.

Bitcoin is actually way easier than using a credit card, though, once you understand it.  Just set up a Coinbase account, send some funds from your bank or credit card, and spend away.

If you find a vendor that accepts credit cards too, though, that’s just an extra plus!  Just be prepared for them to get shut down eventually because most of them do.

5 | The Price Is Fair

Last but not least, the price needs to be fair.  Personally, I’d rather pay a little more for high quality Etizolam, but there comes a point where the price just gets ridiculous.

I’m happy to say that all the vendors on this list offer very fair prices.  You’ll find Etizolam tablets anywhere from $1 down to 50 cents per serving, with the powder/solution vendors offering even cheaper prices.

Just keep in mind that price shouldn’t ever trump quality.  The cheapest Etizolam isn’t necessarily going to be the best.

Buy your Etizolam from a vendor who offers a good product at a fair price.

It’s really that simple.

The Absolute Best Places To Buy Etizolam


Now that we’ve established what constitutes a good vendor, let’s talk about which ones are actually the best.


BlueKem is relatively new to the research chemical scene from what I gather, but they’re by far my favorite Etizolam vendor.


  • The product is super high quality.
  • Great customer service.
  • Shipping is fast AND free.
  • They carry other compound like Diclazepam and Clonazolam.
  • Discreet packaging (plain USPS envelope or box).


  • They don’t ship internationally (US only).


BlueKem has become my go-to place to buy Etizolam because they do a fantastic job in all the areas I care about and they’re certainly among the more professional vendors I’ve dealt with.



I’m not sure how long exactly Absolute Chems has been in the game, but their products are definitely legit.  I recently bought Etizolam as well as a couple other interesting compounds from them and, to my surprise, they weren’t half bad!

What’s Good?

  • Product is good
  • They accept many forms of payment (for now)
  • Shipping is fast (2-3 days)
  • They offer bulk discounts
  • They carry a wide range of research chemicals

What’s Not Good?

  • They only offer powders and solutions (no pellets)
  • No refunds (no exceptions)
  • The powder comes in bags, so it tends to get stuck
  • It’s very hard to measure precise doses
  • Virtually no customer service at all
  • Massive minimums (several hundred dollars at least)

The Bottom Line

Absolute Chems has come through in the past for me but there are some things I dislike.  First off, powders are down-right dangerous for anyone that doesn’t have a .001 digital scale correctly calibrated.   Most people don’t have that and my guess is people are taking massive doses of some of these compounds without realizing it.  I’m surprised nobody died yet.

Secondly, the whole zero customer service thing is a little discouraging.  I’m not one to complain but I’d like to at least have the option to reach out and ask a simple question if one comes to mind.

Lastly, you better have your money right if you want to buy Etizolam from these guys.  The lowest amount you can order is at least a few hundred dollars worth and I imagine that’s a deal breaker for many people.


3 | Etizola

Etizola is an overseas (India I believe) based company which may discourage some people but word on the street is that they’re actually pretty fast and reliable, so until I start hearing otherwise, I think they deserve a spot on the list.

What’s Good?

  • For an international company, shipping is fast
  • They accept credit cards
  • The prices are fair
  • They have several name brands of Etizolam

What’s Not Good?

  • The quality isn’t great (a little under-dosed perhaps)?
  • You have to wait 1-2 weeks for delivery (depending on customs)
  • There’s always a chance customs will seize your order

The Bottom Line

Etizola may be a reliable Indian vendor, but Indian Etizolam tends to be either under-dosed, expired, or counterfeit).   I think what a lot of people don’t realize is there are virtually no regulations surrounding drug manufacturing in India so a lot of the Etizolam you buy from India is actually under-dosed or sometimes completely fake.

It would be real shame to wait 2 weeks for fake Etizolam from a vendor that you really can’t touch.  That said, there’s no reason to suspect Etizola is up to no good.  I’ve heard nothing but positive things (so far).

I just personally like to buy Etizolam that’s high quality, pue, and gets shipped fast so I don’t order from India.  You do what you want, though.


4 | IRC.Bio

IRC.Bio isn’t necessarily known for selling Etizolam, but it’s in their catalog along with a ton of other novel research chemicals.

What’s Good?

  • They (allegedly) third party test their products
  • They ship world-wide
  • They sell lots of other research chemicals too
  • Pricing is lower than most others

What’s Not Good?

  • You have to be verified to buy Etizolam
  • You can’t get tablets/pellets, only powders and solutions

The Bottom Line

IRC.Bio offers by far the widest selection of research chemicals out of any vendor on this list, but if you want to buy Etizolam from them you need a verified account.

The other issue (at least for me) is that they only sell powder Etizolam.  I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to weight out 1mg on a scale, but you need one that goes to .001 and is actually accurate.

I’d rather stick with tablets.


5 | EtizoLab

EtizoLab is the only non-US based vendor on this list.  Normally, I wouldn’t even bother, but my experience buying Etizolam from EtizoLab has been nothing but pleasant.

What’s Good?

  • They sell name-brand Etizolam
  • They ship world-wide
  • Customer service is good

What’s Not Good?

  • Shipping takes a while

The Bottom Line

EtizoLab is based in India which means they can offer name-brand Etizolam at a fair price, but there’s one catch.  Shipping can take a long time depending on where you live.

To get a package sent to the US can easily take between 10 and 20 days, assuming customs doesn’t jam it up.

For me, it’s just not worth it when there’s plenty of places to buy Etizolam in the US.  If you live somewhere else, though, Etizolab is a fine choice.


Don’t Try To Buy Etizolam If It’s Illegal In Your State

Due to the fact that Etizolam remains unscheduled under federal law, different states have different laws pertaining to it.  Most states haven’t yet scheduled it, so it’s legal to buy in those places.

However, you are prohibited from buying, selling, or possessing Etizolam if you live in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Virginia

These states each have laws on the books classifying Etizolam as as scheduled substance, so you can’t legally obtain it if you live those states, (even if it’s for research purposes).

Sure, you can take the gamble and chances are you won’t get nailed for buying a small amount of Etizolam for personal use, but I personally would never risk it.

If Etizolam becomes illegal in my sate, I’m moving!

You can read more about the legality of Etizolam here.

The Bottom Line On Buying Etizolam

Hopefully by now you realize that not all Etizolam vendors are created equal and you’d be wise to go with one of the trusted few we discussed in this article.

Personally, I’m a BlueKem fan.

But that’s just me.  Go with a vendor you trust and order the smallest possible quantity at first just to test it out.

I’m Matt Theis, founder of SuppWithThat, Momentum Nutrition, and Singular Sport. I created SWT to separate the science from the hype and publish accurate, research-based information on supplements. If you like what I have to say here, feel free to check out my supplements at and

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