Where To Buy Diclazepam (3 Legit Vendors)

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I can only assume, that if you’re reading this post, you’ve at least heard of the drug, Diclazepam.  Perhaps you came across this article because you wanted to learn more or perhaps–the more likely scenario–you just want to know where to but it.

Well, fear not friend.  You’ve come to the right place. I spend a lot of time researching research chemical vendors and putting together lists of the very best.

It’s become something of a niche of mine as a blogger.

Here’s the truth:

There are plenty of sites that claim to sell legitimate Diclazepam, but 99% of them are scams.  They look semi-legit, so you decide to give it a shot, only to never receive your order and lose your money.

You check back several months later to see what happened, and the site is gone.  Vanished (with all your money).

My goal is simple here:

To help you navigate the treacherous terrain of the research chemical industry and help you find the ideal Diclazepam vendor (one that you can actually trust).

With that said, let’s get started…

What Is Diclazepam And Why Can You Buy It Online?

Diclazepam, also known as chloro-diazepam–is considered a ‘designer benzodiazepine’.  This is a term given to drugs that, while powerful and/or effective for a given purpose, are not marketed as pharmaceutical drugs to the masses.

The reason for this is mostly politics.

You should never assume that just because a certain drug hasn’t been approved as a prescription drug doesn’t mean that drug doens’t work.

In some cases–and this is where politics plays a role–the non-approved drug may even have advantages over the approved drug.

This is purely the result of a government that makes decisions based on lobbying money (bribery) than valid facts or scientific research.

Long story short…

Diclazepam is a benzodiazepine that is unapproved for treatment of anxiety or sleep disorders–as are many other benzodiazepines–but that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous, useless, or worse than other commonly prescribed drugs.

Before You Buy Diclazepam, Heed These Words…

Diclazepam is roughly 10 times as powerful as it’s chemical predecessor, Diazepam (Valium), a once quite common benzodiazepine prescribed all over the world for everything from anxiety and insomnia to restless leg syndrome.

Like all benzodiazepines, Diclazepam is highly addictive if used on a regular basis.

In fact, withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that addicts actually die.  You can experience everything from tremors and heightened anxiety to full blown seizures and panic attacks.

How bad withdrawal symptoms are depends on the dose taken and the duration it was taken for.

Everything in moderation guys.

What To Look For When Buying Diclazepam

As I said earlier, there are plenty of places to allegedly buy Diclazepam, but for every legitimate site, there’s about 100 scam sites ready to take your money without a moments hesitation.

Most of these sites don’t even stock the product at all.  They’re just set up to look like they stock research chemicals and then when they’ve ripped enough people off they close up shop and move on.

Some of them even pop up again under a different name and run the same scam again.  It’s sad, really…

Anyway, the good news is that I’ve developed a list of criteria you can use to determine whether a Diclazepam vendor is trustworthy or not.

This is the same list I use below to rank the very best vendors, but let’s talk about the criteria first.

Our Criteria

Telling a scam site from a legit site can be tricky, but there are things to look for and boxes to check to avoid getting ripped off, at least significantly.

1 | Quality

First and foremost, any Diclazepam vendor on this list must have a high quality product.  That means high purity, no conaminants, and minimal defects.

Pure Diclazepam is a white, sometimes crystalline powder so if you get some Clonazolam that’s yellow or some other non-white color or some pills that have speckles in them, that means it’s not pure.

You should avoid that retailer at all costs since they clearly aren’t concerned with your health or safety.

2 | Fast Shipping

In the research chemical game, fast shipping seems to be very important to most people.

Partly, that definitely has to do with the addictive nature of many of these substances and the lack of forethought of the people who are addicted to them, but let’s face it…

If you run a business in 2018 and shipping takes more than a week, you’re not doing it right.

I know because I own, Momentum Nutrition and Singular Sport and personally packages and shipped out thousands of orders (now I have employees for that).

The point is, it takes no more than 5 days–and that’s the cheapest type of package you can send–to get something from coast to coast, regardless of weight, height, width, etc.

So if you come across a Diclazepam vendor that just can’t seem to get it together with shipping, there may be other problems under the surface that just aren’t apparent.

It’s really not that hard to ship things on time as a business owner anymore.

3 | Customer Service

Customer Service is something I personally don’t care much about, but I get why people want and even expect it.

You want to be able to reach out to a vendor and ask a question or two.  This accomplishes two things:

  • establishes communication (they exist)
  • gives you some idea where they’re from (if they speak perfect English they’re probably not some guy in India running a scam)

Of course, a lot of legitimate vendors are weary about answering emails so don’t say anything stupid in your email.

Just ask something like “hey, when will ____ be back in stock”.  You know, a simple question that warrants an answer.

4 | Fair Prices

Obviously, pricing is relevant.

People pay anywhere from $1-5 for Diclazepam, which tends to come in 1 or 2 mg doses.  $1/1mg appears to be about average, as is the case with Etizolam.

You can pay less, and end up with a sub-par product or you can pay a ridiculously high amount to ensure absolute quality…

Or you can pay a dollar or two per mg and decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

5 | Simple Payment Method

Most research chemical vendors don’t accept credit cards.

This isn’t because they’re sketchy or they want to be untraceable and steal your money.  It’s simply because most payment processors won’t go anywhere near the research chemical business.

In fact, I’ve had trouble getting payment processing set up for Momentum Nutrition, and we only sell perfectly legal supplements, so I can only imagine what Diclaz vendors would have to go through to get payment processing set up.

My guess is a MASSIVE cut of revenue plus fees, probably to the point where it’s not worth it.

That’s why you’ll find that a lot of research chemical vendors prefer cryptocurrency to transact.  The most popular would be:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to reach scale, Litecoin is faster though and Ethereum is really more of a platform than a single cryptocurrency.

But that’s for another time.

The point is it’s very easy to set up an account with a crypto exchange and buy bitcoins with cash, credit cards, or debit cards.

The most trusted US exchanges are and  I have found both to be top notch in terms of ease of use and customer service.

The Best Diclazepam Vendors

Now that we’ve discussed what constitutes a trustworthy, reliable vendor, let’s talk about a few of my favorites.

These are the only Diclazepam vendors I can vouch for because these are the only places I have personally ordered it from.

Anything else is a gamble in my book.

1 | BlueKem Research

BlueKem Research has been on the research chem scene for probably about a year at this point.

They started out with just Etizolam and were somehow able to to grow their catalog into the most impressive array of high quality research materials I’ve scene on one site.

They don’t just carry Diclazepam…

They carry a whole host of related products, many of which are extremely rare and hard to find elsewhere.


  • They carry a wide array of products
  • The products come in the form of pellets
  • Free shipping
  • The prices are fair, but not suspiciously cheap
  • They take crypto
  • They fill orders quickly
  • Discreet Shipping


  • They don’t ship overseas
  • They don’t ship certain products to certain states (in accordance with state laws)
  • Sometimes they’ve been known to get jammed up (take a long time to ship)
  • Customer service could use some work


Ultimately, BlueKem Research takes the cake when it comes to online research chemical vendors.  They may be lacking in some areas like customer service, but the important thing is you get what you pay for and it’s a very high quality product.


Absolute Chems seems to have popped up sometime in the past year or so as well, though I’m not sure when.

I first encountered them when investigating some of the more rare research chemicals such as Flubromazolam and Clonazolam.

Like BlueKem, they too carry a wide array of products but they only sell powders and liquids.


  • They carry a lot of products
  • They offer bulk pricing
  • They offer some pretty cheap compounds
  • They ship quickly and discreetly
  • Free shipping over $100


  • They only offer solutions and powders, no pellets (you NEED a scale for powders of this nature)
  • They don’t offer many payment solutions anymore
  • All sales are final, no refunds.  Doesn’t make you feel great.


Absolute Chems comes in at second on this list mostly because they’re really the only Diclazepam vendor I’ve ordered from besides BlueKem that turned out to be real Diclazepam.

Otherwise, I’m not much of a fan.  I believe it’s irresponsible for them to sell loads of powder to people who may not understand that a finger tip of this stuff will knock you out.


Sigma-Aldrich is unlike other vendors on this list for one simple reason…

They aren’t playing the ‘research chemical’ gray market game.  They’re a legitimate (large) company that offers virtually every kind of chemical you could imagine to researchers with the proper credentials.


  • Products are of the absolute highest quality
  • They sell literally thousands of chemicals
  • They’re fully accredited (you don’t need to worry about them suddenly shutting down)


  • The prices are extremely high (the average Diclazepam user can’t afford these prices)
  • You must have the proper credentials to buy from them


If quality if the only thing that matters, Sigma Aldrich is worth considering.  If money is an issue, don’t even think about it.  You’re talking about paying 100 times more for the same amount and chances are it’s not 100 times better.

Up to you…

Diclazepam Legality

As it stands, Diclazepam is legal in the US and illegal in Canada, the UK, and Germany.  This is quickly making it one of the popular research chemical benzos in the United States, up there with Etizolam.

Unlike Etizolam, however, no particular states have banned it so it remains legal to buy, sell, and possess in all states just as long as it’s “not for human or animal consumption”.

That’s the kind of gray markets you create when your government works (or doesn’t work) like ours.

The point is, don’t go around with your pockets filled with Diclazepam because you’ll probably still get charged with drug possession and have to spend thousands on lawyers to prove your innocence but don’t be too afraid of it either.

As far as research chemicals go, it’s not even really on the radar.

The Bottom Line On Buying Diclazepam

Diclazepam remains legal to buy, sell, and possess and can be found on a variety of research chemical websites where it is sold “not for the purposes of human consumption”.

In terms of potency, it’s roughly 10 times stronger than Valium and roughly on par with something like Etizolam.

You need to be careful where you buy it from.  Like I said before, most of the vendors out there are scammers.  It takes a keen eye to spot the real ones and maybe even some trial and error.

Hopefully I just saved you the trouble though by pointing you in the direction of a few vendors you can definitely trust to deliver.

Have Anything To Add About Diclazepam?  Comment Below

I’m Matt Theis, founder of SuppWithThat, Momentum Nutrition, and Singular Sport. I created SWT to separate the science from the hype and publish accurate, research-based information on supplements. If you like what I have to say here, feel free to check out my supplements at and

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