Where To Buy Clonazolam (3 Legit Vendors)

buying clonazolam

If you made it this far, chances are you’re well aware of Clonazolam…

You’re just not sure where to buy it.

Well, you’re right to be skeptical because the vast majority of Clonazolam vendors are actually just complete scams.

Some of them super legit-looking websites but as soon as you fork over the money, you never hear from them again.

This age-old story has plagued the research chemical industry for quite some time now and it’s precisely what prompted me to come up with this list of 3 Clonazolam vendors you can actually trust.

What Is Clonazolam And Why Can You Buy It?

Clonazolam is a designer benzodiazepine which was invented in the early 1980s but abandoned as a new drug candidate in favor of Alprazolam (Xanax).

When that happened, it just sort of stayed there, suspended in time, until the rise of internet research chemical vendors realized that Clonazolam was special.

It’s legal!

You see, in the US, drugs are either Scheduled (1-5) and controlled or unapproved and uncontrolled.

Clonazolam occupies a unique legal gray area where it it’s scheduled but also isn’t controlled, making it legal to buy, sell, and possess (just not for the purposes of human consumption).

Basically, you can buy it because nobody said you can’t yet.

Before You Go Messing With Clonazolam, Listen Up!

As I discussed in by recent article on Clonazolam, this is some extremely powerful stuff.  You’ll typically find it in dosages of just 0.5mg and  I can personally attest to the fact that you REALLY don’t need much more than that for the effects to by quite noticeable.

In fact, logic would suggest that the reason Clonazolam didn’t make it as an approved drug is simply because it’s too hard hitting and powerful.

Sure it kills anxiety but it’ll also knock you out.  Not the best thing if you have a public speech that you’re a little nervous about.

What To Look For With Clonazolam Vendors

When it comes to research chemicals, you have to be particularly careful with which vendor you fork over your hard earned cash to and Clonazolam is certainly no exception.

In fact, this is one of the single most rare research chemicals currently available (if you know where to look).

Most alleged “Clonazolam” is some other chemical that has similar effects and most retailers don’t care about your safety or health enough to bother getting it tested.

That’s why I threw together a little list of criteria I used to weed out the bad Clonazolam vendors and focus hone on in on the good ones.

The Product Is High Quality

The most common issue you’re going to run into when it comes to buying Clonazolam is whether it’s of high quality or not.

Unfortunately, like most research chemicals–and even supplements–there are no standards in place to make sure that a given vendor supplies high quality Clonazolam.

You have to go by trial and error, though you’ll be able to tell pretty fast whether or not a vendor has a high quality products.

The Price Is Fair

At the end of the day, price is relative.

Rich people may not mind paying exorbitant prices for their Clonazolam while for some, it’s out of the question.

I would caution any reader against bargain hunting when it comes to research chemicals.  If a vendors prices are too good to be true, they’re probably trying to scam you.

Either that, or the product is expiring and they’re trying to dump is off as fast as possible.

Either way, look for Clonazolam that’s priced reasonably, between $1-$3 per 0.5mg

Shipping Is Fast

These days, shipping needs to prompt, tracking needs to be updated,  and you need to know exactly when your package is going to touch down, right?

At least, that’s how I feel, but maybe that’s because I’ve been everything from Amazon so long, I forgot that normal websites can’t deliver in 1 day.

Still, you should look for a domestic (US) vendor who is capable of shipping pretty fast, at least within a couple days so that you ultimately receive your package in no more than a week or so.

You can’t ask for much more than that.

Customer Service Is Decent

Here’s the thing about a lot of these gray market research chemical vendors.  They don’t like to talk.

I’ve noticed that out of the several or so companies I’ve reached out to–whether it be about DiclazepamEtizolam, or even Nolvadex–most of them aren’t interested in having conversations.

That probably just has to do with the nature of the business.  These people don’t know you.  You don’t know them.  I think some separation makes sense and I personally don’t mind a lack of communication as long as I get what I paid for.

It’s the guys that don’t answer you for a month after they screw up your order that you need to be weary.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict that until it happens I suppose.

Payment Is Easy

At this point, most credit card processors aren’t willing to dabble in the research chemical business, so you’ll find that most sites take payment in cryptocurrency only.

This may sound confusing, but it’s actually quite simple.

I too used to be annoying by the concept of obtaining a new currency just to do business with certain sites until I realize that bitcoin/crypto is hands down the simplest, least traceable way to buy things online.

All you need to do is open a CoinBase or ItBit account (or some other exchange) and get started.

3 Legit Clonazolam Vendors You Can Trust

1 | BlueKem Research

BlueKem has only recently come on the research chemical scene in the last year or so but in this business that actually seems a little more than the average company sticks around.

Since it’s inception, BlueKem has grown from a single product, Etizolam, to providing multiple products including Clonazolam, Flubromazolam, Diclazepam, Flubromazepam, and Nolvadex.

It’s quite an impressive catalog and the business itself has come a long way in terms of shipping and customer service.


  • Prices are fair (but not too cheap)
  • All products come in pellet form
  • Crypto makes for easy payment
  • They fill orders quickly
  • Discreet Shipping


  • They don’t ship overseas
  • They don’t ship certain products to certain states (in accordance with state laws)
  • Customer service could use some work

2 | Absolute Chems

Absolute Chems is my second go-to, if anything were to happen to BlueKem.  The only issue–and I’ll be sure to mention this again below–is that they only sell powders and liquids.

They have about every research chemical you could ever want, just not in pellet form.


  • They carry many similar products
  • They have very cheap prices
  • Fast Shipping
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Website Is Simple


  • They Only Sell Powders And Liquids
  • The quality of some of the products is questionable

3 | Savant Research

Savant Research is probably the third and last vendor I’d turn too to buy Clonazolam, mostly because they only sell a liquid form and I just don’t really like dealing with liquids.


  • They have several other products like Etizolam and Tianeptine
  • They ship pretty fast
  • Customer service is on point
  • The price is fair


  • They don’t accept credit cards for Clonazolam
  • They won’t ship to certain states.

Is Clonazolam Legal In My State?

Clonazolam may not be sheduled at the Federal level, but each state may pass it’s own laws regarding the legality of it.

Currently, it’s Schedule 4 in Oklahoma.

Other than that, Clonazolam occupies a legal gray area whereby you’re technically allowed to buy, sell, or prossess it, just not for the purposes of human consumption.

That’s why the packaging will always say “for research only” or “not for human consumption”.

The Bottom Line On Buying Clonazolam

When it comes to research chemicals, Clonazolam is with a doubt one of the most sought after and also one of the more rare compounds.

I’ve literally only found three sites that I trust are providing actual Clonazolam and the rest either look too scammy to me to even try or are obviously scams based on their other offerings.

If you live in any state besides Oklahoma, you can buy Clonazolam.  Just make sure you get it from a vendor you can trust.

Personally, I’m a BlueKem fan  because the quality is un-matched by any other Clonazolam product I’ve tried,  but if you have a digital milligram (0.001) scale, Absolute Chems is the best bang for your buck.

I’m Matt Theis, founder of SuppWithThat, Momentum Nutrition, and Singular Sport. I created SWT to separate the science from the hype and publish accurate, research-based information on supplements. If you like what I have to say here, feel free to check out my supplements at and

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