BSN Finish First Clean Pre-Workout Review

Finish First Clean Pre-Workout is BSN’s most recent pre-workout supplement, belonging to the Clean Series along with Clean Creatine and Clean Fat-Burner

BSN Clean Pre-WOrkout



Beta-Alanine supplementation has been shown, throughout multiple studies, to be highly effective at increasing muscular Carnosine concentrations which is associated with reduced muscular fatigue during workouts.

BSN lists the amount of Beta-Alanine in Finish First Clean Pre-Workout at 1.5g per serving, towards the lower end of the effective range for daily supplementation.


Nitrosigine is a combination of Arginine and Silicon–stabilized with Inositol–which appears to be superior to other forms of Arginine.

A 2005 study noted that Arginine Silicate induced greater vasodilation and increase blood flow in mice, as compared to Arginine HCl

Similar results were achieved in a later (2007) study published in “Metabolism” and it was concluded that Arginine Silicate was more effective at raising plasma Arginine levels than Arginine HCl.

Finish First Clean Pre-Workout contains 750mg of Nitrosigine per serving, a pretty average dose as far as most pre-workouts go.


Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid (the body can produce it from Phenylalanine) which serves aprecursor to Dopamine (by first being converted into L-Dopa) and Noradrenaline.

Because of this relationship, Tyrosine is alleged to increase levels of these neurotransmitters, which would theoretically lead to performance enhancement. However, research has demonstrated thatTyrosine cannot outright raise Dopamine or Noradrenaline levels upon ingestion, though it can help maintain optimal levels when depletion might otherwise occur.

Upon ingestion, Tyrosine forms substrate pool, which can then be drawn from when an acute stressor (exercise, cold exposure, etc.) causes a temporary depletion of Dopamine/Noradrenaline. For this reason, Tyrosine can be useful for maintaining cognitive function during stressful activity.

In the context of Finish First Clean Pre-Workout, Tyrosine simply serves as a way to maintain cognitive function during training.  We wouldn’t say it’s a particularly critical ingredient, but may contribute to the general cognitive effects of the formula.


As mentioned in the Taurine section, Glycerol is osmolytic, meaning it draws water into the cell. It is by this mechanism that Glycerol can preserve hydration status in the cell which explains why it has also been shown to enhance performance during extended exercise where dehydration would be a contributing factor.

So, as a performance enhancer, Glycerol may only induce noticeable enhancements during extended exercise (2 hours or more usually).

Finish First Clean Pre-Workout contains 500mg of HydroMax Glycerol per serving, an average dose, but necessarily what we consider highly effective for inducing pumps or maintaining hydration status.


Caffeine triggers the release of Noradrenaline which directly enhances focus and perceived energy.  Individual tolerance may vary depending on frequency of use, but the 200mg dose of Caffeine found in Finish First Clean Pre-Workout is enough to make the average non-habitual Caffeine user feel noticeably more alert and focused.

It also leaves the option of double-dosing, since more Caffeine tolerant individuals tend to need higher doses to feel the same effects.


Huperzine A is an Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor which means it blocks the enzyme that breaks down Acetylcholine, indirectly increasing levels in the brain. Acetylcholine controls skeletal muscle and is largely responsible for the ‘mind-muscle connection’. In addition to controlling the muscles, Acetylcholine is also involved in learning, memory, decision making, and various other cognitive functions.

We discuss Huperzine A as it pertains to pre-workout supplements in this article, but ultimately it may help to round out the cognitive-enhancement aspect of the Finish First Clean Pre-Workout formula.


Finish First Clean Pre-Workout is not unlike many other pre-workout supplements we’ve seen recently.  Most of the ingredients are dosed at a somewhat effective, average level compared to other pre-workouts, but users should shoot for double-doses to ensure highly effective levels of all key ingredients.  With the only stimulant being Caffeine, Finish First Clean Pre-Workout may be worth a shot for individuals who prefer to avoid harsh stimulants.

Still don’t know which pre-workout is right for you? Check out our Top 10 Pre-Workout Supplements list for some recommendations.

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