Boost Your Metabolic Rate With Synephrine, Narinjin, and Hesperidin



Synephrine has gained a lot of traction in the supplement industry in recent years, particularly as a fat-burner, for its ability to increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and enhance lipolysis (fat-breakdown).


Resting Metabolic Rate, more commonly referred to as RMR, is simply a measure of an organism’s energy expenditure (measured in terms of kcal) while at rest. Increasing you’re RMR effectively means you burn more calories while resting, and burning more calories than you consume in is the key to weight-loss.


In a 2011 study, published in the “International Journal of Medicinal Sciences”, researchers sought to determine whether certain flavonoids primarily found in grapefruit could augment the increase in resting metabolic rate (RMR) caused by Synephrine.

Subjects received one of these five supplementation protocols.

  • Placebo (juice)
  • 50mg Synephrine
  • 50mg Synephrine + 600mg Narinjin
  • 50mg Synephrine + 600mg Narinjin +100mg Hesperidin
  • 50mg Synephrine + 600mg Narinjin +1000mg Hesperidin

Synephrine Increases Metabolic Rate

As shown in the graph, the combination of 50mg Synephrine, 600mg Narinjin, and 100mg Hesperidin was able to increase RMR roughly 400% compared to Synephrine alone and 50% more than Synephrine and Narinjin.

However, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the results was that adding a higher dose of Hesperidin to the blend actually blunted the increase in RMR to only slightly beyond that of Synephrine alone.


The researchers in this particular study noted no difference in heart rate or blood pressure across all groups, measured at both 45 min and 75 post-ingestion. Synephrine has a well-established safety profile at doses of 50mg or less.


Synephrine is capable of increasing RMR to a statistically significant degree, but this effect can be drastically potentiated by combining it with the right doses of Narinjin and Hesperidin. So, rather than settling for Synephrine by itself, look for weight-loss supplements that combine these three ingredients for metabolic rate increase that is roughly 4 times more potent than Synephrine alone.

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