Blackstone Labs Epi-Test: An Evidence-Based Review

Epi-Test is a testosterone optimizer by Blackstone Labs which features Epicatechin as a primary active ingredient, offering a potentially effective mechanism by which muscle growth may occur that is not Testosterone-dependent…

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test

If you search YouTube for Blackstone Labs, you’ll find plenty of videos the company’s Founders, Aaron and PJ, who have always been extremely open about their personal use of steroids as well as many other facets of their lives.  Regardless of your views on steroid-use, you have to appreciate that level of honesty and transparency.  It’s something that you don’t see very often from supplement companies.  They will be the first ones to tell you that Epi-Test is not going to result in steroid-like gains and that to expect steroid-like gains would be setting yourself up for disappointment.  However, Epi-Test does have what it takes to encourage optimal Testosterone levels and promote muscle growth.

Epi-Test contains a fairly diverse range of Testosterone Optimizing compounds so it’s not as if Epicatechin is the only active ingredient.  In fact, Even without Epicatechin, Epi-Test still has what it takes to push Testosterone levels towards the upper end of the normal range, ultimately creating a more ideal environment for muscle growth, but the addition of Epicatechin offers a non Testosterone-related mechanism by which muscle growth may be encouraged.

The formula would of course be particularly useful to those with abnormally low Testosterone levels who want to gain muscle and improve libido/sexual wellbeing.  If you fall into that category, Epi-Test is probably worth keeping in your supplement arsenal.

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