Blackstone Labs Chosen 1: An Evidence-Based Review

Chosen 1 is a muscle-building supplement by Blackstone Labs which is supposed to be a legal replacement for certain products that got discontinued as a result of the recent FDA Prohormone Ban…

Blackstone Labs Chosen 1

Chosen 1 contains a few forms of the same basic molecule, 1-DHEA…

What Is 1-DHEA?

1-DHEA is two conversions away from 1-Testosterone, a highly anabolic compound which is several times more potent than Testosterone itself.  To be clear, this does not mean that 1-DHEA is more potent than (or even anywhere near as potent than) Testosterone.  It takes two conversion to get to 1-Testosterone and a lot of bioavailability is lost along the way.

Blackstone claims that Chosen 1 features a proprietary delivery system which increases bioavailability but, of course, there are no studies at this time backing up those claims.

The Bottom Line

Chosen-1 isn’t a prohormone.  It’s more of a “pro-pro-hormone”, and therefore perfectly legal.  Unfortunately, this also means it’s probably not that effective.  If you want to give it a shot, it may be worth it, but don’t expect any massive gains in a short amount of time, like those you would see with actual prohormones.

If you’re looking for something that will actually help you gain lean muscle, check out our Best Muscle Builders List! exists to educate the supplement community and seperate the science from the hype.

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