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Alpha JYM is Jim Stoppani’s Testosterone optimization formula which is comprised of some effective Testosterone-optimizing ingredients at effective doses…

Alpha JYM


Trigonella Foenum Greacum (also known as Fenugreek) has gained serious traction in the supplement industry as a libido enhancer and alleged Testosterone-booster. However, a 2009 study, published in the “International Journal of Exercise Science”, found that Fenugreek supplementation had no influence on Testosterone (or any other hormone).

A similar failure was noted in a 2011 double-blind, placebo controlled study in which 6 weeks of supplementation with a Fenugreek derived extract (Testofen) led to scoring 25% higher on a libido test (sexual arousal and orgasm in particular) than the placebo group, but with no increase in Testosterone levels, meaning that the mechanism of action was not an increase in Testosterone.

While two studies have failed to show any Testosterone-boosting effect of Fenugreek supplementation, one 2010 study, published in “The International Journal of Sports Nutrition”, found that supplementation with 500 mg of Fenugreek extract (Testofen again) resulted in a significant increase in free-Testosterone levels.

So why the mixed results? At this time, the discrepancy remains a mystery and while most supplement companies prefer to brush the two failed studies under the rug, we prefer to look at the bulk of the research as a whole to draw our conclusions. Fenugreek is an unreliable Testosterone booster, but it tends to be pretty reliable as a libido enhancer and Testosterone optimizer. So, whether or not Fenugreek will outright increase Testosterone levels likely depends on the individual, with those with low initial Test levels being the most likely to experience a noticeable increase. Alpha JYM contains a hefty 500mg doe of Fenugreek per serving.

Damiana Leaf

A 2008 study, published in the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology”, found that two isolated chemical components of Damiana, Pinocembrin and Acacetin, were able to suppress aromatase activity in vitro. This mechanism of action was found to be consistent with the results of a later (2009) study, also from the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology”, in which Damiana extract was able to correct sexual dysfunction in male rats.

At this time, the effects of Damiana regarding the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen has not been studied, and the magnitude of effect is difficult to translate from in vitro and mice studies into humans. That being said, Alpha JYM contains a pretty sizable 500mg dose per serving which, if traditional use is any indication, should be an effective dose (as an aphrodisiac).


Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a byproduct created during the digestion of Indole-3-Carbinol, a compound found in vegetables like Broccoli.

A 2011 pilot study found that, when given to human subjects at a dose of 300mg daily for 14 days, DIM produced anti-estrogenic effects. Under different circumstances however, DIM has shown the opposite, meaning it actually has the capacity to increase Estrogen. So, rather than labeling DIM as pro-estrogen or anti-estrogen, it should be considered an estrogen modulator (meaning it has the ability to alter levels of estrogen one way or another). For this reason, DIM’s mechanism of action is unlike any other compound found in the Alpha JYM formula. It’s important to understand that the term “Estrogen” is actually an umbrella term that includes several Estrogenic compounds which induce varying degrees of Estrogenic activity. DIM appears to increase the level of 2-hydroxyestrogens (“weak Estrogen”), relative to the other types, 16a-hydroxyestrogens and 4-hydroxyestrogens (“strong Estrogens”), the result of which is less of an “estrogen-like” effect, even though total Estrogen (good and bad) may technically be staying the same.

Alpha JYM contains 250mg of DIM per serving, more than we generally see in test-boosters/optimizers, and enough to convey some meaningful benefit, especially at two servings per day.


Ashwagandha is a popular Ayurvedic herb with a relatively wide variety of health implications, ranging from cognitive support to anti-cancer effects. In the context of Alpha JYM, JYM Supplement Science is primarily concerned with Testosterone optimization.

A 2010 study, published in Fertility and Sterility”, found that Ashwagandha (5g basic root powder) was able to restore Testosterone levels in infertile men, though subjects did not experience spikes beyond the normal range. These findings were replicated in a 2011 study in which it was also noted that the effects were more apparent in stressed men (Ashwagandha is a known adaptogen).

There is certainly no reliable evidence to suggest that Ashwagandha can outright increase Testosterone in non-deficient individuals, but it research indicates it can help to stabilize/optimize Testosterone. So, in the context of Alpha JYM, Ashwaganha actually fulfills an important role. With 500mg per serving, Alpha JYM contains a fairly sizable dose of Ashwagandha and though the scope of this review is limited to its effects on Testosterone specifically, there is enough Ashwagandha in Alpha JYM to convey some other benefits as well.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as Tongkat Ali has been shown, in various studies, to increase Testosterone in male rats, but the only human studies that exist have tested the effects of Tongkat Ali in infertile men, not healthy men.

A 2010 study published in the “Asian Journal of Andrology” found that supplementation with 200mg of an extract of Eurycoma Longifolia significantly improved various indications of male fertility (in humans), though the mechanism of action was unknown.

A 2012 study published in “Andrologia: Volume 44” (the same researchers from the above mentioned human study) found that men suffering from Hypogonadism (diminishing functionality of the gonads) who were treated with a 200 mg daily dose of Eurycoma longifolia extract reached normal Testosterone levels after a 30 day period. To be fair, at the start of the study about 35% of the men were showing normal Testosterone levels, and at the end about 90% showed normal levels. Still, 35% to 90% is clearly statistically significant.

Alpha JYM contains 100mg of Eurycoma Longifolia, consistent with the human studies that have demonstrated benefit, assuming two servings per day (the recommend protocol).


A 2012 study, published in “Andrologia”, found that Quercetin was able to prevent TCDD (a known carcinogen) induced decline in testicular testosterone production in mice, via acting as an anti-oxidant. Although it is not likely that users of Alpha JYM would be coming in contact with TCDD, this mechanism should (theoretically) extend to most sources of oxidative damage.

Interestingly, Quercetin was also shown, in a 2010 study from “Andrologia”, to protect against testicular injury (testicular tortion) in mice. This protection against physical damage is something not seen with the average anti-oxidant and the precise mechanism remains unknown. Protection against physical testicular damage is something we feel most male athletes should probably be interested in.

A recent (2014) study from “Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology” found that Quercetin was able to restore testicular function and sperm production in male rats treated with Estrogen. The mechanism of action was attributed to both the anti-oxidant and inherent anti-estrogenic properties that Quercetin has demonstrated in previous studies.

Quercetin won’t boost your Testosterone outright, but may certainly help to regulate Estrogen levels and keep them in a healthy range. Although these effects have yet to be studied in humans, the 250mg dose of Quercetin found in one serving of Alpha JYM is consistent with what has been demonstrated anti-oxidant benefits in humans.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to understand that Alpha JYM is not positioned as a “Testosterone Booster”, but instead as a “Testosterone Optimizer” and, as such, it is highly effective. A few of the ingredients in the formula do have the potential to raise Testosterone beyond baseline, but JYM seems to have taken a safer approach by only promising that Alpha JYM will keep your Testosterone levels optimal, as opposed to making some unsubstantiated claims about boosting levels by some unreasonable amount. Given that the entire formula is clinically dosed, Alpha JYM is certainly one of the most effective Test-optimizers available.

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Supplement Facts

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