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Lecheek Nutrition Stim Shot

Stim Shot is a recent addition to Lecheek Nutrition’s line-up aimed at those who just gotta have their stims!


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Stim Shot is a recent addition to Lecheek Nutrition’s line-up aimed at those who just gotta have their stims! In other words, Stim Shot is to stimulant pre-workouts what Noxygen is to pump-based pre-workouts…[Skip to the Bottom Line]


Caffeine triggers the release of Catecholamines (i.e. Noradrenaline, Adrenaline, Dopamine) which, in addition to enhancing focus and alertness, are inherently pro-lipolytic. Unfortunately, habitual Caffeine consumption tends to lead to tolerance, making it less and less effective as time goes on. That being said, Caffeine may be synergistic with other stimulants and tends to increase perceived energy, leading to more intense workouts. EpiBurn Pro contains 100mg of Caffeine per serving which is not an overwhelming amount but is certainly enough to potentiate the effects of the other stimulants in the formula.


Higenamine has been shown (in vitro) to be a beta-adrenergic receptor agonist as well as a weak alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist, the same basic mechanisms of action by which Synephrine and Ephedrine work. By activating beta-receptors while simultaneously (albeit weakly) blocking alpha-receptors, Higenamine can potentiate the effects of Noradrenaline-releasing agents such as Caffeine and facilitate more fat-loss than could otherwise normally be achieved through exercise alone.

Higenamine is the major component underlying the fat-loss effects seen with Nelumbo Nucifera in mice studies, but human studies are non-existent at this point in time. For that reason, it’s tough to determine its degree of efficacy as a fat-burner, though the mechanisms certainly exist. Lecheek does not disclose the exact amount of Higenamine present in the Stim Shot formula but it likes falls in the standard 20-40mg range.


Dendrobium, made popular by its inclusion in DS Craze, has become relatively pervasive in the pre-workout/fat-burner category because of its alleged stimulant properties. The original claim was that Dendrobium contained several Phenylethylamine alkaloids which were responsible for the focus and mood enhancement being reported by many users. However, studies investigating the chemical constituents have failed to isolate Phenylethylamine, and have shown that different species of Dendrobium tend to vary considerably in terms of their alkaloid composition. Ultimately, the jury is still out on Dendrobium, though rat studies have confirmed some cognitive benefit which may underlie some of the subjective reports of mental stimulation and enhanced focus.


Choline, once inside the body, is converted into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is associated with many functions including (but not limited to) memory, attention, and muscle control. It is the neurotransmitter most closely associated with the “mind-muscle connection” (although this may be something of an over-simplification), and therefore of much interest to athletes and bodybuilders alike. While certain forms of choline may be associated with increased muscular power output (namely Alpha GPC), Choline Bitartrate is generally considered the least bioavailable choline source, though oral doses of 1000-2000mg have still been shown to increase serum choline levels significantly. That being said, the amount of Choline Bitartrate present in the Stim Shot formula is negligible (given a total proprietary blend of 295mg) and likely wouldn’t convey any meaningful increase in acetylcholine levels.


Despite its escalating popularity in pre-workout and weight-loss supplements, Hordenine remains very under-researched. In vitro and animal studies indicate that its primary mechanism of action is via Momoamine Oxidase inhibition (similar to Tyramine) with oral doses being shown to augment Noradrenaline-induced muscle contraction while not directly inducing contractions itself. So, rather than acting as a stand-alone stimulant, Hordenine can amplify/extend the effects of other stimulants by blocking the reuptake of Noradrenaline (and other Monoamines). By blocking its reuptake, Hordenine allows more Noradrenaline to remain in the synaptic space, ultimately extending/augmenting its effects (i.e. focus, intensity, lipolysis). Unfortunately, until more human research is published we won’t know exactly how potent oral doses can be.


Stim Shot does not feature any groundbreaking or exclusive ingredients, but does contain a number of stimulants and stimulant-augmenters in an ultra-concentrated (295mg) blend which is meant to be consumed sublingually. Placing Stim Shot under the tongue for 20-30 second may certainly quicken absorption, but the effects are not likely to be much more potent (just quicker) than simply swallowing it. Ultimately, Stim Shot would logically appeal to those who simply seek mental stimulation, not necessary the physical benefit associated with commonplace pre-workout ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, Creatine, etc. In fact, there is nothing in Stim Shot that would limit its use to pre-workout only, and at about 65 cents per serving the product may appeal to those looking for a mid-day pick-me-up as well.

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