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Noxygen is pretty unique in that, rather than labeling it a pump-based pre-workout, Purus Labs instead positions it as a pre-workout-augmenter…

Purus Labs Noxygen



Glycerol is a colorless, odorless, syrup-like substance commonly used in industrial goods and cosmetics, mostly to increase viscosity. Glycerol, as a molecule, has a propensity for cellular water retention, and this property is what makes it of particular interest to bodybuilders and athletes.

A 1996 study, published in the “International Journal of Sports Medicine”, found that Glycerol supplementation prior to exercise increased endurance time in cyclists. These findings were replicated in a 1999 study from the “European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology” in which pre-exercise Glycerol supplementation enhanced time performance (also in cyclists).

However, a 2003 study, published in the “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise”, found that, while post-exercise Glycerol supplementation prevented exercise-induced dehydration, this had no impact on performance measures (compared to placebo).

Ultimately, the results of most of the research on Glycerol indicate that it can be an effective pump agent (due to water retention), but may only noticeably enhance performance (endurance not strength) during long-duration exercise where dehydration becomes a contributing factor. Noxygen contains 1.5g of Glycerol per serving, a pretty sufficient dose which may certainly enhance cellular water retention (the pump).


Purus Labs utilizes two forms of Nitrate, Beetroot and Nitratene. Beets are naturally very high in Nitrates whereas Nitratene is simply pure Sodium Nitrate. For all intents and purposes, these two ingredients provide the same function.

A 2007 study from “Acta Physiologica” found that dietary Nitrate supplementation increased the efficiency of oxygen utilization during exercise (less oxygen needed for the same amount of work). These results were replicated in a 2011 study, published in “Journal of Applied Physiology”, which found that this increased efficiency resulted in better endurance in runners.

A 2012 study, published in “Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics”, found that increased dietary nitrate intake (in the form of Nitrate-rich whole Beetroot) improved running performance in healthy adults.

A 2013 study, published in the “European Journal of Applied Physiology”, found that Nitrate supplementation (from beetroot juice) effectively elevated plasma Nitrate levels which translated to improved performance during high-intensity exercise in athletes.

A 2013 Meta-Analysis, which looked specifically at 17 separate studies using doses of 300-600mg Nitrate from various sources, concluded that supplementation is associated with a moderate improvement in time to exhaustion at a given work load.

Purus Labs lists the total amount of Beetroot Extract and Nitratene at 740mg, yielding a more than sufficient dose of Nitrates which may enhance endurance and possibly (but not definitely) blood flow.


As mentioned above, Purus Labs positions Noxygen more as a pre-workout augmenter than a stand-alone pre-workout supplement, aimed solely at enhancing the pump/endurance dimension. In this regard, it is actually quite effective, and makes for a great addition to pretty much any pre-workout stack. At around 35-40 cents per serving (depending on where you buy), Noxygen is quite appropriately priced and we’d recommend it to anyone currently taking a pre-workout that they feel is lacking in the pump department.

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