Mike Chang Muscle Protein Review

Mike Chang Muscle Protein

Muscle Protein is the most recent addition to Mike Chang’s supplement line. It contains a combination of Whey Concentrate and Isolate (in undisclosed amounts)…


Muscle Protein is the most recent addition to Mike Chang’s supplement line. It contains a combination of Whey Concentrate and Isolate (in undisclosed amounts)…[Skip to the Bottom Line]

Whey Concentrate

Whey comes in several forms, the most common of which is Whey Concentrate. This is the least processed form (70-80% protein by weight), which makes it the cheapest to manufacture. As stated in our review of Mike Chang’s Muscle Repair, we assume that cost was the primary factor which influenced the decision to use mostly Whey Concentrate in the Muscle Protein formula.

Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is processed further than Concentrate and is defined as at least 90% protein by weight. This gives Isolate an obvious advantage over Concentrate, but due to the further processing that is required to produce Isolate it tends to be more expensive. Unfortunately, most supplement companies opt for the use of Concentrate in their protein supplements, or sometimes a mixture of the two, and Mike Chang is no different.

Although we can’t be certain of how much of each type Muscle Protein contains, we know that there is less Isolate than Concentrate.

Digestive Enzyme Complex

Muscle Protein contains several digestive enzymes which allegedly improves the absorption of the protein. While it is true that adequate levels of these enzymes are required for proper nutrient breakdown and absorption, there is no reliable evidence to suggest that, in the context of Muscle Repair, they play a particularly important role. Protein is pretty well-absorbed at low doses to begin with, so there is no reason to suspect these enzymes improve the efficacy of the formula very much. That being said, they can’t hurt it either.

The Bottom Line

Muscle Protein contains exactly what it’s supposed to: Protein. However, given that Mike Chang has opted to use mostly Whey Concentrate, the premium price tag is certainly unwarranted. At about 2$ per serving, Muscle Protein is about double what it should be, given the prices of competing products.

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