Lipo 6 Black Review

Lipo 6 Black

Lipo 6 Black is one of Nutrex’s most well-known fat-burners and consist entirely of stimulants, some of which have more direct fat-burning potential than others, but all of which may be useful…


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Lipo 6 Black is one of Nutrex’s most well-known fat-burners and consist entirely of stimulants, some of which have more direct fat-burning potential than others, but all of which may be useful…[Skip to the Bottom Line]


Caffeine generally forms the basis for stimulant-based fat-burners because its ability to increase levels of Noradrenaline (which directly induces lipolysis). Since most people develop Caffeine-tolerance with prolonged use, it generally must be combined with other stimulants in order to function as an effective fat-burner. Fortunately, Lipo 6 Black contains several other stimulants, the effects of which may be amplified by Caffeine.

Nutrex does not list the exact dose of Caffeine present in Lipo 6 Black but, given the weight of the proprietary blend in total, we’d estimate anywhere from 150-200mg.


Theobromine belongs to the same class of chemical compounds as caffeine, known as methylxanthines. While its stimulant properties are less potent than caffeine, it is alleged to increase heart rate to a greater degree. In theory, increasing heart rate could provide more oxygen for fat oxidation (burning fat), but this is JUST a theory. Very few studies have examined the effects of Theobromine on weight loss, and those that have, have studied the effects in conjunction with other stimulants such as caffeine and synephrine (both of which are in the Lipo 6 formula). While we doubt Theobromine on its own would yield particularly significant results, it is possible that its addition in the formula could subtly compliment the effects of the more potent stimulants.


Synephrine, commonly extracted from Bitter Orange, became popular after the FDA banned ephedra as a dietary supplement for weight loss. While Synephrine has been touted as a replacement for ephedra, it is important to understand that it is much less potent (which is why it is not banned). However, that’s not to say it is completely useless. Synephrine acts as a CNS stimulant, as well as an appetite suppressant to some degree. While Synephrine itself has been around for almost 100 years, studies regarding its fat burning abilities are scarce and those that have been conducted generally combine synephrine with other stimulants such as caffeine. For that reason, it is difficult to examine the efficacy of the supplement for weight loss alone. It is very likely that studies with a focus on weight loss will be published in the immediate future, due to the popularity of the substance in the supplement industry these days.


Yohimbine is found in Pausinystalia Yohimbe (aka Yohimbe). Yohimbine acts as an alpha-2 receptor antagonist, meaning it inhibits the receptor. Alpha receptors are responsible for blocking lipolysis (fat burning). By blocking the action of this receptor, yohimbine essentially opens the gates for lipolysis to occur. One study showed that while there were no increases in strength supplementation “appears to be suitable as a fat loss strategy in elite athletes.” In addition to this property, Yohimbine has also been demonstrated to increase the action of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, resulting in increased mood and concentration


Rauwolscine is what is known as a stereoisomer of yohimbine, meaning it is chemically similar in structure. Because of this similarity, Rauwolscine produces similar effects, although perhaps to a milder degree. It is more common for supplement companies to include both Yohimbine and Rauwolscine together rather than one or the other, because both compounds are extracted from Yohimbe.


All things being equal, taking Lipo 6 consistently over the course of several weeks may certainly result in weight loss. However, we feel it’s important to understand that’s because Lipo 6 contains several powerful stimulants. Yohimbine and Rauwolscine are the two ingredients that may have a direct effect on weight loss, but because the other ingredients are stimulants they may contribute through appetite suppression and increased focus/energy during work outs. We would caution potential Lipo 6 users to first consult a health care professional. Those who are sensitive to stimulants probably won’t last very long before experiencing some sort of unwanted side effect.


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