3 Supplements That Will Actually Help You Burn Fat

3 Supplements That Will Help You Burn Fat

The truth is that most fat-burning supplements are complete nonsense.  Nothing but under-dosed, ineffective ingredients that aren’t backed by anything more than an in vitro or rodent study.  Fortunately, with all of the research that has been conducted in the area of weight-loss supplementation, there are actually a few scientifically-validated ingredients that will help you to burn more fat and less money…


It may seem odd seeing Caffeine on this list since Caffeine is already so widely used, but it’s inherent fat-burning properties remain unknown to many.  Mostly, Caffeine is viewed as a means of boosting perceived energy and focus, not as a fat-burner.  But make no mistake, Caffeine has mechanisms by which it absolutely can help you achieve your fat-loss goals.

The reason Caffeine makes you feel more alert and focused is because it triggers the release of neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Noradrenaline.  These neurotransmitters fall into a class of chemicals known as Catecholamines.  In addition to making you more alert and focused, Catecholamines have inherent fat-burning properties, especially Nordrenaline.

You see, Catecholamines are capable of directly stimulating lipolysis, the breakdown of triglycerides (fats) into their individual components (fatty acids and glycerol).  This results in more fatty acids being available for energy so when you exercise, you’ll burn more fat.

The only issue with Caffeine is a matter of tolerance.  Most people will develop a tolerance to Caffeine with continuous use, so in order to gain the most out of it it’s recommended that you limit your additional intake.

Everyone’s optimal dose of Caffeine is different.  You’ll want to choose a dose that you can handle, but that does provide you with a noticeable boost of energy and focus.  Remember, the same neurotransmitters that make you feel alert and focused are the ones that help burn fat.

Stacking For Optimal Results

Because Caffeine triggers Catecholamine release, and Catecholamines are inherently pro-lipolytic, it makes sense to stack Caffeine with a beta-receptor agonist such as Synephrine and/or an alpha receptor antagonist like Yohimbine or Rauwolscine.


Synephrine is chemically related to Ephedrine, the insanely popular fat-burning supplement that was banned by the FDA in 2004.  Like Ephedrine, Synephrine functions as a beta-adrenergic receptor agonist, meaning it activates the receptors which stimulate lipolysis (fat-breakdown).

You see, the body’s fat-burning process is regulated by two primary types of receptors: beta-receptors and alpha-receptors.  Beta-receptors trigger lipolysis (fat-breakdown) and alpha receptors stop lipolysis.

By directly stimulating beta-receptors, thus signaling lipolysis to occur, Synephrine can boost the body’s basal metabolic rate.  Basal Metabolic Rate refers to the amount of calories your body burns at rest.  If you increase your Basal Metabolic Rate consistently, eat the same and exercise the same, you’ll lose weight over time.

The clinical dose of Synephrine is 50mg

Stacking For Optimal Results

The Metabolic Rate increase seen with Synephrine has been shown to be substantially amplified by Naringin (600mg) and Hesperidin (100mg), so stacking it with these compounds is recommended.


You may have heard of Rauwolscine’s chemical cousin, Yohimbine, which is also an effective fat-burning supplement.  The reason we recommend Rauwolscine over Yohimbine is simply because Rauwolscine is more potent on a mg for mg basis and is less likely to cause side effects as Yohimbine has been known to do.

Rauwolscine functions as an alpha-receptor antagonist.  Recall from above that alpha-receptors are what stops lipolysis after beta-receptors have initiated it.  By blocking these receptors, alpha receptors agonists like Rauwolscine effectively allow the body to burn more fat than it would normally.

This can lead to noticeable fat-loss in as little as two weeks, but there is one key thing to remember.  You must exercise!  Rauwoscine allows your body to burn more fat than it normally would, but you still need to do something to burn that fat.

Rauwolscine is so potent that it only requires 1 or 2mg for noticeable effects.  The most we’d ever recommend to anyone is 3mg, but most people won’t need that much.  If taken consistently, and in conjuction with a rigorous exercise program, Rauwolscine can induce noticeable fat-loss in as little as a couple weeks.

Stacking For Optimal Results

Rauwolscine stacks well with Synephrine since the two compounds essentially function as the inverse of oneanother.  Synephrine triggers lipolysis and Rauwolscine allows lipolysis to continue when it would normally stop.

Maximizing The Fat-Burning Process

Each of the ingredients listed above can be used in combination to help facilitate fat-loss.  By increasing Catecholamine levels with Caffeine, activating beta-receptors with Synephrine, and blocking alpha-receptors with Rauwolscine, you can induce some pretty significant fat-loss in a relatively short period of time.  The best way to ensure that you’re getting clinical doses of each of these ingredients, it’s best to purchase them seperately and combine them on your own.

However, there are some fat-burners which contain these ingredients in clinical doses.  Have a look at our Top 10 Fat-Burners List for some recommendations.


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