Redcon1 Halo: An Evidence-Based Review

Halo is an all-natural (non-steroid) muscle builder by Redcon1, the brand owned and operated by Aaron Singerman which makes Total War, Big Noise, Shield, and many other well-dosed, effective supplements.  Halo is a bit less complicated than those products though, with just one active ingredient: Laxogenin…

Redcon1 Halo


Halo Claims

Redcon1 claims that Halo:

  • Drastically Increases Nitrogen Retention
  • Enhances Muscle Growth
  • Reduces Cortisol (Stress Hormone)

Additionally, Redcon1 claims Halo is superior to competing products because it contains 100mg of Laxogenin, far more than most Laxogenin-containing products.

Halo Ingredients

Laxogenin (Smilax Scobinicaulis)


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