PhytoHealth Conqurium: Everything You Need To Know

Conqurium is a muscle-building supplement by PhytoHealth which is capable of stimulating muscle growth and extremely notable strength gains in as little as 4-6 weeks…




Conqurium’s benefits include:

  • Increased Strength/Endurance
  • Increased Libido
  • Rapid Muscle Growth

Of course, these are the same claims attached to every supplement promoted as a Muscle Builder, and needless to say, most of them don’t work.  Conqurium on the other hand, is quite effective when used correctly.

What To Expect With Conqurium

Conqurium contains a unique compound which will increase your body’s Testosterone levels and significantly accelerate muscle protein synthesis rates.  Provided you are hitting the gym frequently and eating a high protein diet, this will translate into noticeable muscle growth in a relatively short period of time (4-6 weeks is the average cycle).

Conqurium is a versatile compound which both builds muscle and cuts fat, so when used in conjunction with a “cutting diet”, it’s not unusual to look leaner even though you’ve gained weight.  This versatility is the primary reason for its popularity, not to mention users continuously report little to no side effects.


The results you obtain with Conqurium will largely depend on the dosing and duration of your cycle.  PhytoHealth recommends taking 1-2 capsules per day for 4-6 weeks.  Such a protocol will typically yield some noticeable gains in muscle mass and decreased fat mass.


When it comes to any Muscle Building supplement that actually works, taking the proper supports is of vital importance.  Quickly gaining muscle mass and pushing the limits of your physical strength on a daily basis has it’s drawbacks.  It can really take a toll on your body so you may want to consider taking:

Again, these supplement serve a support function.  They merely help your body adapt to the rapid gains that Conqurium will yield.  It is highly recommended that you have a thorough, well-dosed support regimen in place before, during, and after your cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy

The key to cycling any supplement that raises your natural Testosterone and increases your strength and muscle mass significantly in a short period of time is to utilize a proper Post Cycle Therapy protocol.

Unlike steroids, Conqurium will not shut your natural Testosterone production down completely, nor does it Aromatize (convert excess Testosterone into Estrogen) so the liklihood of Estrogen related side effects is low.

Still, anything that raises your Testosterone levels will signal your body to produce some more Estrogen.

For that reason, your Post Cycle Therapy should be effective, but you don’t need to go crazy buying research chemicals from sketchy websites.  There are alternatives…


Arimistane (Androst 3,5-dien-7,17-dione) is a potente Aromatase Inhibitor which means it blocks the enzyme (Aromatase) that converts excess Testosterone into Estrogen.

When you’ve just come off a supplement that increases your Testosterone, your body will naturally try to compensate by producing more Estrogen and thus, the Aromatase enzyme is highly active.  By bocking this enzyme, Arimastane can significantly reduce Estrogen.

Although more hardcore compounds may require more complex PCT protocols, a good dose of Arimistane could potentially be all you need for Conqurium PCT.  Conqurium doens’t completely shuut down your natural test production (assuming an average cycle length), so Estrogen-induced side effects are not as severe as with other compounds.

Arimistane is available at a wide range of retailers and from several well established brands:

Tamoxifen Citrate

Also knwon as Nolvadex, Tamoxifen Citrate is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) which binds to the actual Estrogen receptor, thereby significantly reducing Estrogen and, of course, Estrogen related side effects.

Of course, Tamoxifen Citrate is what the Pros use for they’re insanely juiced up super-cycles, so for Conqurium it’s probably unnecessary.  Still, if you can find it, it’s worth taking maybe 10mg a day for a couple weeks post cycle.

Tamoxifen is a bit trickier to come by.  It’s mostly sold on “research chemical sites” deemed “not for human consumption.  We’ll leave it there…Google it.

Phenomenol: The Best PCT For Conqurium

PhytoHealth offers an all-encompassing PCT Supplement called Phenomenol.  It contains both an AI and a powerful legal SERM so it’s guaranteed to suppress Estrogen and restore your natural Test production back to normal.

If you’re running Conqurium, we’d recommend using Phenomenol as your PCT.  PhytoHealth offers a discounted stack of Conqurium/Phenomenol as well.

Users have reported using up to 3 capsules (75mg) per day for 6-8 weeks with no serious side effects to speak of.

If you’re prone to acne though, you may want to keep some Clearisil on deck.  Other than that, you’ve got nothing to worry about with Conqurium.  It’s pretty non-toxic compared to other pro-hormones.

Are There Any Side Effects With Conqurium?

Conqurium is well known for having little to no side effects, assuming you run it alongside a solid cycle support supplement and a quality PCT supplement.

Where To Buy Conqurium

Conqurium can be found at:

If you’re aware of any other retailers we should add to the list, just let us know in the comments below.

The Bottom Line

Conqurium is capable of increasing strength and muscular endurance quite drastically, and ultimately resulting in lean mass gains to the tune of 10-20lbs throughout your cycle.  When used properly–with the right diet, exercise program, supports, and PCT–it offers the best balance of safety and efficacy when compared to just about every other muscle building supplement we’ve seen.

This is what prompted us to place it at the top of our Best Muscle Building Supplements list.  There are plenty of way more hardcore compounds, but most of them come with a whole range of side effects.  If you want to gain some serious muscle in a relatively short period of time without suffering a bunch of weird side effects, Conqurium is for you.

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