Chizled Labz Cycle Edge: An Evidence-Based Review

Cycle Edge is a cycle support supplement by Chizled Labs which is inteded to support general health during steroid or porhomone cycles.  As any user of prohormones or steroids knows, a good support protocol often makers the difference between truly maximizing your results and sabotaging your progress…

Chizled Labz Cycle Edge



Like all cycle support supplements, Chizled Labz claims that Cycle Edge will “keep you safe” during your cycle by protecting your organs.  Does it work though?


The ingredients in Cycle Edge are all herbal/natural ingredients which support a wide range of bodily functions, mostly pertaining to detoxification…

Milk Thistle

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)

Saw Palmetto

Pygeum Bark

Harthorne Berry

Celery Seed Extract


Cycle Edge Ingredient Takeaway

Cycle Edge contains a pretty standard array of ingredients.  Most of them can be found in plenty of other cycle support supplements, but one thing Chizled Labz does that most other brands still refuse to do is use a transparent label.  This makes it quite easy to see that each ingredient in Cyce Edge is dosed more or less in-line with what research suggests is an effective dose.  Cycle Edge will definitely help your body detoxify and clear toxic substances, such as those that build-up during prohormone cycles.

Is Cycle Edge Safe?

Yes, Cycle Edge is safe.  In fact, if you’re taking a liver-toxic prohormone, it would be unsafe NOT to use it.  Of course, it’s not the only liver support supplement that works, but it’s definitely better than nothing at all.  If you’re running a cycle of any kind, you better make sure you have a good support supplement that you take throughout the entire cycle and afterwards as well.

How Toxic Are Prohormones?

Here’s the thing…That whole “prohormone are toxic” thing is mostly just a bunch of industry-created propaganda that supplement companies use to sell you more products.  The reality is that some prohormones are extremely toxic and others are relatively benign.  It’s ignorant to say “all prohormones are toxic” because the reality is there hasn’t been enough research on individual PH’s to conclude just how toxic each one is versus others.

Still, it’s a great idea to get yourself a solid support supplement that helps with liver detoxification and support healthy organ function.  Cycle Edge is a well-formulated support supplement that makes an excellent addition to your support stack.

The Bottom Line

Cycle Edge has what it take to help your body deal with toxins more efficiently and support healthy organ function throughout your cycle.  Of course, what prohormone/steroid you’re taking is what’s going to determine how important your support protocol is, but if you’re dealing with any of the supplements on our Best Muscle Builders List, you should definitely be using a support supplement like Cycle Edge.



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