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Best Protein Blends

best Protein Blends

In the world of bodybuilding, protein is without a doubt the most sought after supplement.  It seems new protein supplements pop up daily, with every brand claiming superiority over those that came before them.

Recently, the protein category has split into sub-categories, with some protein supplements featuring multiple forms of protein from different sources.  Such supplements are called “Protein Blends”.  By combining multiple forms of protein such as Casein and Whey, these blends have a more sustained anabolic effect, thus making them more versatile than those supplements that only contain one form.

The following list features our top recommendations for protein blends.  Don’t be confused if you don’t see your favorite Whey Protein supplement on this list.  If it only contains one form of protein (pure whey, pure casein, etc.), you won’t see it here.

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